Obamacare: What May Really Be Behind the Catholic Contraceptive Controversy?

By AC Smith

We need to ask ourselves, do we really trust this Obama administration or does this administration play us like a puppet on a string? What may really be behind the Catholic contraceptive controversy?

If we do not find out what makes up the brain drain train of the Obama administration, we may end up losing the upcoming election and push the United States of America, the free nation, into the new representation of Europe.

The United States is being redefined before our eyes because our eyes are wide shut.

The Obama administration has America arguing about how Obamacare should be administered, instead of discussing why Obamacare is not part of the make-up of America’s foundation and should be abolishing all together.

We are also talking about contraceptives instead of abstinence.

We need to open our eyes and keep our eyes on the ball.  Everything the Obama administration does is calculated and focused on fundamentally changing America’s origin. Are we going to allow this to happen?