Do We Need a Trump Card?

Trump will not run independently if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination! I am saying that not because I know for sure anything that Trump will actually do (it is possible that he could), but I truly believe that Trump is smarter than that. I like that Trump is true to himself and taking great risks to his businesses and brand and I truly understand why someone like him would go TRULY rogue.

Look at how upset that many of us get knowing how president Obama has TOTALLY ruined this country! The Republicans are sitting back and taking it! The Republicans bark, but have NO bite and it seems like they were run over with a Mac truck! It is OVER for the babies in the Republicans party and they are in desperate need a defibrillator! This is DO or DIE for the Republicans against Hillary! Trump may be that defibrillator that the Republicans need! I think that Trump knows that it will be as close to a miracle as anyone can get if he wins, but with a decent percent of people supporting Trump for the Republican nomination, Trump will have a big influence on the stance of the Republican that he endorses.

Trump seems to me to be more controlled at the same time that he is going further rogue. So far, Trump seems to be better prepared than Sarah Palin (though Palin was thrown into the spotlight) because Trump is actually answering questions more directly and with confidence! I do hope that Trump’s strategy is what actually helps the next Republican nominee motivate the activist youth voters. Many people need a cause to react or support. The race baiters have been VERY successful at doing just that for a very long time now, though they are obviously supporting the (absolute) wrong things! The Republicans are NOT doing it!

“McCain is not a War Hero!…Well, he is a War Hero, but I don’t like captured troop.”

Oops! Did Trump really say that?! What’s up with that?!

I can still agree with the gist of Trump’s message after McCain called Trump’s supporters crazies!  It was a lashing out, but many say that the lashing out is not presidential.  Well then…also say that about MANY of the presidents that we’ve had before.   Did President Bill Clinton conduct himself in a presidential way or was President Clinton’s conduct much more degrading than Trump’s comments?   How about our beloved President Nixon or President Carter? 

So, let’s get real!

Yes, I do appreciate McCain’s service to our country, but he didn’t succeed in running for the presidency and we all gave him a great chance.  I also believe McCain is a hero, but everyone needs to remind McCain to act like a hero and get behind the true conservative values that the United States was founded on!

Now, let Trump do it his own way while he is getting MUCH more support than McCain received at this point of being a candidate for the Republican nomination!

Things are crazy! We need a BULLDOG! Someone who can put a wrecking ball to what president Obama has done to our once undisputed great country!

We need a BULLDOG to bring back America from this Socialist state and back to the individual freedoms that we are endowed with by our creator!

We are FAR from the point that we need to be nice or conforming! Let’s get the United States back to the great foundation that it was built on! The elite spiritual, economic, & military strength!

Let’s see what Trump can stir up!