The Affordable American Health Care Act (A.C. Smithcare)

by A.C. Smith

How are we supposed to reform health care? The politicians should have called me, because I would had reduced the cost 90% or more and would provide access to health care for all Americans

I want to put TOTAL power into the consumer’s hands! That could mean catastrophic insurance where the insurance company only pays once the cost reaches a certain amount, or comprehensive insurance that pays for every little thing. It could be a standard employer-based plan. If a person or family is very financially and physically responsible and able to bear the burden should something unexpected occur, they do not need to have insurance at all. The bottom line is that it will be up to the CONSUMER and not the government to decide what is right.

While we’re talking about employer plans, It would be nice if the companies would pay us all the benefits in wage and let individuals obtain their own insurance just like car insurance.

I want to get away from mandating anything, but I believe each person should automatically have a lifetime 401k type of account which they deposit money into, meaning THEY OWN IT. This money will be split up between their health care and retirement (because I would get rid of government social security).   Health care costs might include premiums, deductibles or the direct cost of services if uninsured or out of network. Why can’t we be responsible without having the government hold our hands?

If their health care funds run low, they can borrow from their retirement account. However, if the whole account cannot cover the cost when the need arises, the government will front the money for services, but the family (through their jobs/business interests) will have to pay it back. Family members may have to increase wage deductions until it builds back up. For small families with major health issues, the government may never get paid back, but that will be rare.

If we HAVE to provide government assistance, this will happen after people have reached out to family and community first. We should cover annual checkups for the poor ONLY, and if anyone (poor or not) should suffer a life-threatening condition, they will get taxpayer help only after exhausting family and charitable resources.  The common cold should NOT be paid for. Worst case, there should be government-supported clinics for just that. Low cost, low level healthcare providers can assist with basic things and refer to doctors for SERIOUS health issues. It’s extremely rare when there is something serious enough to see a doctor, and even then, things like cuts and broken bones shouldn’t cost that much.

Let’s also get rid of dentist, vision, and petty coverage. It’s a joke! It’s rare that the dentist should cost $5,000. Many youths throw that much money into the extras for their motorcycles and cars. Cavities, regular wear, and even crowns and root canals should be like a major car service and should be paid for the same way. Let’s get real. We need to change our mindset and STOP relying on the government for things we should actually take care of.

Sticking with the 401k structure, if a lot of money accumulates because the family is healthy, they will get to reduce their deductions or funnel some of the money toward retirement. This will encourage families to be healthier and leave the government for the LAST safety net. Any money still remaining in the account after death should carry on to the children or go into a family pot.

I know at first, we aren’t set up for this, but if we start now, maybe after a generation or two at the most, we shouldn’t need the government at all.

Will you support my plan?