A Letter to the Left

By A.C. Smith

This post is a letter to Jamie Neben and those who join him on the political left.

The left is founded in confusion.  Just listen to the diversions when you all comment on facts presented by the right.  Your side doesn’t offer proof when you consider them invalid.

For example, Tavis Smiley once said that living under 8 years of the Ronald Reagan administration, blacks had a worse time economically than any other time in recent history. Larry Elder gave him some solid facts and statistics that blew Smiley out of the water, proving that blacks had the best increases in status. Smiley refused to believe those facts and said that he will produce the “real” facts in a couple days. Over a year later, Elder keeps calling out Smiley to produce them.  Instead, Smiley keeps going around the nation on his Victim Tour. This is the face and scope of the left.

As for diversions, we tell you that we are standing up for the rights of the unborn child and against the genocide of many of our children, and you talk about rare cases of rape, incest, and the mother’s life being endangered.

We tell you that the government is spending more money than we have (and much of it is wasted) and increasing the amount every year, and you talk about taxing the rich so the government can obtain even more money to waste, instead of making sure our government spends money correctly and responsibly before we give them another dime!

Instead of getting America to agree to change the laws of the land, we actually have an Attorney General who boldly says that we as a nation will not enforce laws that he feels are not good.

I can go on and on, but even children, with just a little knowledge, will know that those issues are based on a foundation of confusion. The only people who say differently are either brainwashed or brain-dead. Many may actually want to be brainwashed. I actually think there is some titillation on your part that motivates you to be this way. I really can’t think of any other reason why you and the left refuse reason.

We will not go forward as a strong nation without dealing with the true facts, and more importantly, taking up our real responsibilities as citizens should in the greatest nation.

I beg you Jamie, let’s come to live and promote honest and responsible lives together.