Conduct at the Lord’s Supper

by A.C. Smith

Just recently it has come into the news that Rep. Patrick Kennedy was asked not to take communion with the church because of his support for abortion rights as well as some other issues contrary to the Roman Catholic beliefs.

Many may think that this is a harsh act from the church but I understand and respect where the church is coming from.  I come to this conclusion reading the portion of the bible which talks about conduct according to what is called the Lord’s Supper.

I believe 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 should be explained and reviewed with each group/congregation before communion is served so everyone partaking will have a better understanding of the importance and seriousness of the act/ritual in the Catholic church.

1 Corinthians 11:17-34 abhors taking communion in an unworthy manner. Yes, it does tell us that we need to examine our own self and it explains what happens to many people when they do not. Many are weak, sickly, and sleep (and by sleep I am sure it  does not mean in the confines of your own familiar bed).

It talks also about “we,” indicating the church/congregation should also judge themselves so they will not be condemned with the world, but only chastened of the Lord.

Now, based on how I interpret the scriptures, I can see why the church leaders feel they have a responsibility to protect their congregations from thinking it is fine to defile the word of God or the sacred sacrament. It may lead others down the same path so the church as a whole will be condemned.