Morgan Freeman, Herman Cain, and a Whole Different Perspective

By AC Smith

First of all, I would agree that Morgan Freeman is a great actor. I will give him that.

I love how Herman Cain addresses the issue of Freeman’s comment about the Tea Party being racist. Cain said it doesn’t stop his momentum or his path. He addressed it in love and by doing that, he is not distracted like most candidates are by getting off track. I believe that we should consider people like Morgan Freeman as being racist, or at best, biased or brainwashed.

If Freeman has spoken out in support of other presidents like George Bush about something he’s tried to accomplish, we would not have to consider if his comments are biased because of race or political party.

I hear from so many people who refuse to admit that it is the president’s responsibility/fault for how the American economy is today. At best, we should have given the president 18 months MAX to turn the country around with a Democratic controlled house and senate. No excuses! Take responsibility! With President Reagan (who I did not vote for when I was 18 years old while being in a family that did not push a Democratic or Republican voting agenda on me), I quickly realized, after paying attention to what the people we put in office say and do, I hold each president to the same level of scrutiny.

Because I have no real allegiance to a political party or bias, I can look at results without reservations.  Obama’s ideology has failed miserably! The fact that he has not ran a business and then we install him as CEO of America, shows big time!  We, as fellow Americans, should put aside our prejudice thinking and biased stances and admit Obama is responsible for what this nation has become. Just like how I voted for and supported Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Schwarzenegger had all of the right ideas in mind, but because he could not execute his plans, he failed, and I am fine admitting it. We need someone in there that can make things right. Schwarzenegger had a horrible, out of control, deficit spending, liberal assembly of representatives to fight against but he did not blame anyone or make excuses by saying he inherited it. Someone who keeps saying they inherited something is making excuses for not being able to build on what they have.

Obama does not seem to look at the current situation as an opportunity to show that he can make things better.  Instead, he is looking for an opportunity for things to get better so they can take the credit. I want a president that takes over his/her rightful responsibility instead of saying month after month that they inherited something. To continue to say you inherited something means to me that you have not made things better. To me, president Obama is like a person who inherited a million dollars, squandered most of it, and ended up buying $250,000 home. When someone asks, “how did you afford to buy this house?”, he replies by stating  he inherited some money. Of course, he will not tell the person that he squandered the other $750,000. Then you have another person who inherited a million dollars. This person took most of the money and invested it until he made 10 million dollars and ended up buying a 10 million dollar home. When someone asked him, “how did you afford to buy this house?”, he can say that he made some great investments because he would not be able to come even close to buying that house without him taking the responsibility to do something great.

Let’s all call it like it is. Obama policies and ideology has failed!

Can you agree?