Stupak Spits in the Face of the Unborn

by AC Smith


Bart Stupak spits in the face of the unborn children at the same time that he helped Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party chip away more of Americans independence, freedom, rights, and liberties with the support of less than half of the American people.


Why?! I guarantee that he got paid! That’s right! Pelosi, Obama, and Chicago/San Francisco politics at work for you! Watch what happens for Stupak in the next 2-6 years and we may see the fruits of his strong speech in support of Obama’s Social Health Care Bill after Stupak was so strongly against the Bill provisions.


The government has set up a way for taxpayers to pull their Health Care money together in order to supply abortion on demand and they have the mitigated gall to say it is not government-funded abortions.


Who is setting up this provision? The government.   

Who is setting up the collection of funds? The government.


The government is helping to set up the payments and the coverage for abortions.  Why is it that the government is providing Medicare with the collections of Medicare payments but do not call the collections or making provisions for and funding the administration of the abortion-on-demand payments to be used for abortions?  We can twist the truth but many will call it like it is.


The American people have spoken in the polls that they do not like the tactics used by the Democrats and would rather our representatives to start all over.


The Democrats said over and over that they know what is best for the American people, even though, the American people said that we should concentrate on finding out what to do with the so-called 30 million people who do not and cannot get insurance. Pelosi and the democrats are full of a baloney.


This will go down in history just as bad or worse than the other programs the government put in place or supported like the Ethanol push/subsidies, Cash for Clunkers, Medicare, Post office, Railroads, Social Security, Bank Bailouts, Jails/Probation, Public Schools, Welfare, Immigration, etc. etc.  What now shall we destroy, our military? Don’t count it out with Obama, Pelosi, and the Democrats.  Next thing we know, we will be under NATO commands before the American people realize what happened, if we realize it at all.


Now more than ever, the illegal aliens and terrorists have more rights to America’s protections than America’s own people.


Come on! Why is it that every American’s freedom will have to be adjusted and/or invaded to satisfy the minority of people who support Socialized Health Care? Why can’t the millions of people who want to rely on government mandates and taxes to help with the Socialized Health Care agenda, put their own taxes/support together and leave the rest of our tax, freedoms, and liberty alone? Let those of us who will like to stand on our own abilities, succeed or fail on our own. Allow those (who want) to have the ability to be prideful of their own accomplishments or responsible behavior/plans in their life do so with their own sense of dignity.


This system is not fair when some are saying that 40% of the population pays no Federal tax and I would believe that most of those do not pay much (if any) state taxes either.  Most everyone should pay something, even if it means volunteer work if they can’t find a job or have any income. Let’s cut out the free rides and the redistribution of wealth syndrome.


Let’s get rid of the cancerous idea that Health Care and other things that many of us have to work to obtain, is an actual right. Those who do not work made bad choices through substance abuse; those who are plain lazy or have a welfare mindset that makes them put their talents towards taking advantage of the system, should not be able to take from those who are more responsible.


I was sickened by Pelosi’s reference to the Declaration of Independence, talking about freedom, liberty, and happiness when talking about the just passed Social Health Care Bill. How is that possible when the majority of the American people just had more of their freedom, liberty, and happiness taken away from them?