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Why Movies?

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My Favorite

by Jamie Neben

Everybody has a favorite movie, right? Actually, I happen to know many people who cannot or will not choose just one above all of the rest and that’s very understandable. How does one reach a decision when considering there could be so many good candidates among multiple genres vying for the honor? It’s difficult enough to make a selection in a single category. For instance, I’d be hard-pressed to name a favorite Hitchcock spy thriller or Stephen King adaptation. Don’t even ask me about 1980’s teen angst movies because I’ll be here all day trying to pick one. However, as it turns out, I do have an all-time favorite film, and this site would be completely bogus if I didn’t share it with you. And remember….there’s no disputing matters of taste!

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Matters of Taste

by Jamie Neben

I have a confession to make that won’t sit well with many of you.  I cannot watch The Sound of Music.  The film might indeed be among the most popular of all time, but when I find it on television, I get no further than Julie Andrews twirling around on the hilltop in the opening scene.  Then I’m searching for something—anything—better. Better meaning different. Now, I’m not suggesting the movie was poorly made or doesn’t deserve the critical and financial success it achieved. I just didn’t like it. While I’m being honest, I am also none too fond of Office Space, Fried Green Tomatoes, and stories that involve wizards, dragons, or hobbits.

On the other hand, sometimes I get thrown for a loop when people don’t admire my favorite films. For instance, I thought It’s a Wonderful Life was a timeless classic for every person. Apparently not, as I’ve found out the hard way. On one particular occasion, while I introduced a so-called friend to the David Lynch masterpiece Blue Velvet, he actually fell asleep in the middle of it. That was quite the rude awakening for me (and later for my friend when he began to snore). Another time, not long ago, and not so far, far away, I met someone who told me she “couldn’t get into” the original Star Wars trilogy. I could hardly contain my dark side when confronted with that inconvenient truth.

In reality, Star Wars isn’t necessarily a good movie. Just like The Sound of Music isn’t necessarily bad. There is no disputing matters of taste.

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