One Nation Rally

By AC Smith

I’d like to share some of my thoughts about the “One Nation Rally” that took place on October 2nd.

Some of the biggest problems in America is dealing with entitlements and spending.  Listening to the comments of the crowd and speakers, they seem to be fighting for just that! Entitlements and spending.

Go figure… They are touting diversity but feeding gas to the fire of people like Jesse Lee Peterson who say blacks are morally bankrupt and lost their way. The old pride of making your way through difficult situations, by standing on the word of God, and freely helping each other improve the lives of our children, has been replaced by the real plantation thinking that we must demand to be fed by the government.  We must know that the first three letters in Federal (government) is not who we need to be fed by. I see our Federal government as the one organization that is to hold together the common bonds between the individuals and the states. Not to take from them and distribute unfairly. Not to be our master and our god.

People in the rally spoke about unions, government making jobs for them by building roads, redistributing money to them, increasing wages, and reducing corporate profits. Obama has done a good job of demonizing all the strong corporate companies. 

They talk about standing behind Obama but I do not hear many talk about how much better off Obama has made them, along with the nation, or better off within the last couple years with the nearly trillion dollar stimulus which, as touted by his own estimates, would keep unemployment down below 8% by creating jobs. And the people who stand by him and claim Obama is doing good are bragging that they are right because they are not a majority of whites but are diversified.

Our court of law recognizes that the people who have benefited, or will in the future, are subject and can prejudice their thinking. Many people admit and dismiss it. This can go both ways but I would think that I would look at the fact or not, that if we are asking others to help you and give to you, are you giving as much (proportionately) as you are asking others to give, or how much the others are giving already? There are people who are less fortunate than you are that are outside your family.

Comedian Charlie Hill talked about America being the terrorist but didn’t blame the Talaban for anything. This is backwards if you ask me. That shows where his head is, which also goes for those who agree with him. Al Sharpton wants government to pay more for college costs.  Rev. Jesse Jackson is fighting for workers’ rights and not talking about the widely disproportionate pensions that the government obligates its citizens to pay that just seems wrong.

Others talked about economic empowerment for all. All includes the drug addict, people getting paid under the table to avoid taxes, and those who get government assistance. It includes the criminals, illegals, lazy, and immoral.  They jump on the Republicans who say “No” although the republicans simply want to stop the train from running off the track and put it on a solid foundation and make smarter decisions for future security.

We inhibit our own American companies from prosperity and make it easier to cause companies to do business overseas and then complain that they leave. We have not figured it out yet that taxing American companies has not changed the corporation’s bottom line. Executives get paid more because all American companies will have to do is raise prices or cut services, bringing in more revenue on the top end, or the business will give up or let a foreign company take over that type of business. This puts a larger burden on America and the same people who are demanding more to get by or to make their lives better.

People at the rally actually talk about their desire to be dependent on social security checks and disability checks and roads that they have to drive on. I think roads actually benefit the people who actually pay for them. That is one of the things I can say that the government helped with. The efficiency on how they are paved and responsible way and amount they were paid for is another subject.

I see the rally having a socialist theme. We need to ask the question:  do we want the country to move from even further away from being a mostly democratic nation, relying on government to provide for us, or strive for the protections of individual freedoms and self-pride?

Let’s be fair. That is the real question.