Obamacare: What May Really Be Behind the Catholic Contraceptive Controversy?

By AC Smith

We need to ask ourselves, do we really trust this Obama administration or does this administration play us like a puppet on a string? What may really be behind the Catholic contraceptive controversy?

If we do not find out what makes up the brain drain train of the Obama administration, we may end up losing the upcoming election and push the United States of America, the free nation, into the new representation of Europe.

The United States is being redefined before our eyes because our eyes are wide shut.

The Obama administration has America arguing about how Obamacare should be administered, instead of discussing why Obamacare is not part of the make-up of America’s foundation and should be abolishing all together.

We are also talking about contraceptives instead of abstinence.

We need to open our eyes and keep our eyes on the ball.  Everything the Obama administration does is calculated and focused on fundamentally changing America’s origin. Are we going to allow this to happen?

3 thoughts on “Obamacare: What May Really Be Behind the Catholic Contraceptive Controversy?

  1. I’m a little confused by your post. Do you really not know what is behind the decision that requires employees of Catholic institutions to have birth control coverage? Is that what you’re asking us to collectively find out? You seem to be critical of the health care reform package (or “Obamacare if you prefer), and the administration in general, but otherwise you don’t say anything at all regarding the Catholic constroversy except to state we’re talking about contraception instead of abstinence. What does that have to do with an employee’s health care package? Are you suggesting that the employees should be told to refrain from sex? Are none of them married, or at least well into adulthood? Your displeasure is clear enough, but the reason for it is as clear as mud. Please advise, or are you just venting?

  2. So you are confused? Aren’t you always confused? You are a liberal! Duh!
    Instead of having a long post, trying to explain to a liberal in the most detailed way (something they will not understand anyway), I took a risk with the short post, while trying to get my point across. Okay, don’t get mad. I’m kind of kidding.
    Well, to answer your questions, yes, I do believe I know what is behind the decision that required the employees of Catholic institutions to have birth control coverage.
    1) It’s to further the liberal social agenda to the farthest point that the liberals can push it.
    2) To motivate liberals to vote for the most liberal president so he can control this country for another four years.
    3) Most importantly, it divides the republican party and the Tea Party by getting in their heads to make them talk about limiting or making changes to Obamacare, instead of repealing Obamacare. We should instead use the contraceptives issue to talk about the gross overreach of government as added evidence that Obamacare is violating our basic rights and should be proved unconstitutional and repealed totally by both congress and the Supreme Court.
    4) It gets Republican, Tea Party, and the Right off of their game by getting them to talk about promoting people to buy their own birth control or contraceptives, instead of their promotion of abstinence and responsible sexual activity.
    So yes! I am not taking about the health care package. That is not what I was dealing with in my post. I was dealing with the reasons behind the push of the contraceptive issue that is very crafty of the Obama administration and its cronies. They are very smart and have proven to me to be very successful by hitting many birds (with, at least, the 4 points listed above) with one stone.
    The actual health care issue, I didn’t deal with specifically. That is another beast that will need another book to explain all of the things that is wrong with it. We really need to repeal it and encourage people to protect and be responsible for themselves. Again, that issue need another book to explain how to do that correctly.
    The point is…If we do not notice how America is being manipulated, we will lose this election, lose our freedom, and the foundation of America may be changed forever.

  3. Thank you for the explanation. Much better. However, to your point about responsibility, I believe responsible sexual activity and contraception go hand in hand. For instance, you certainly don’t expect married adults to remain abstinent if they aren’t planning to have a child, do you? Also, birth control medication is prescribed for other things other than just birth control, such as regulating menstruel cycles and preventing ovarian cysts. That can be expensive and I would hope you don’t want to put women at risk just based on your principles that government shouldn’t tell us what to do.

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