Telling the Truth Does Not Make One a Bully

By A.C. Smith

This post is in response to the viral video about the news anchorwoman that was chastised by a viewer for being overweight (click here to see video).

Instead of addressing the problem, no matter how the message was delivered, we talk about the deliverer’s character and oftentimes change the subject to something that it really isn’t! It’s the same thing liberals do to most issues AND THE RESULT….things stay the same, at best, or most of the time it gets worse!

Look at the poor neighborhoods and communities! Look no further than our school system where an exorbitant number of children either drop out or graduate without the correct education.  Also look at all the debt in many cities, counties, states, and federal government!  Instead of getting our finances in order, we pull and tug for more dollars to spend!

This news anchor seems to be a very nice lady and if her husband, herself, and her children are not suffering and do not suffer in the future from her being overweight, then more power to them!

But this writer/viewer of the show is NOT a bully and if the news anchor took the person’s comment in the most positive way and took action to improve herself and family’s health as it pertains to their weight, she may inspire others to do the same and in the long run, possibly save some lives!

If the writer/viewer was a bully, he would not wait many years as he did before saying something. He actually seemed to be hoping that someday she would see for herself that she will need to get her weight under control, but after years of seeing her on the air and nothing has changed for the better, he probably assumed people have told her in a nice way and she now needed a jolt of reality.

It should be common sense that we all influence each other and especially news anchors multiply that influence by leaps and bounds!

When I was growing up, it was fashionable to stay within a healthy weight and a big majority did. Now we have gotten so greedy and selfish that the minority back then are now fat and fashionable.

We need better examples because it is getting harder to encourage our kids to keep healthy when everyone and their mammas aren’t!

If we keep avoiding the real true issues and keep making excuses and diverting the subject to something that it really is not about, then we will continue to incur debt, unhealthiness, immorality, and weakness.

Why not address the challenges of life and actually measure our results?

Why not!