Study Smarter, Not Longer

by A.C. Smith

We’ve already seen our country moving closer to socialism with the government takeover of the banks, the auto industry, and the proposed health care plan.  Now it’s happening with the schools.

President Obama’s idea to extend both school hours and days is just another opportunity for the government to put their hands in young kids’ minds and change them.   There’s been a shift from conservative to liberal thinking in our education system.  Reports indicate that a large percentage of teachers are liberal, and they’re starting to take control of the schools.  They want the students there longer and on weekends, and spending more time with them will result in the kids coming out with the same viewpoints, not really knowing what they’re supposed to learn. 

Keep in mind that when I use the word “conservative,” I’m not talking about a political affiliation because we have conservative democrats just like we have conservative republicans.  Instead, I’m talking about principles.  It’s the support of change, growth, and considering different points of view, but by upholding solid moral values.  Teachers are usually respected and trusted in the classroom.  As such, we tend to believe that what they’re telling us is the right thing.  By allowing more liberal influences, we will continue to move from a moral to an immoral society.   

An additional argument for prolonged school hours is that it might help keep kids out of trouble.  However, that would be taking away a role that belongs to the parents.  If government is doing more and more for us, we’re just going to get lazy and give up more control.  If you give people stuff, they’re going to take it, just like an animal.  If you keep feeding an animal that could feed itself in the wild, it’s just going to rely on you to do it.  When you put that animal back in the wild, it’s not going to survive as well. 

One solution as to how to help parents be home for their children after school is tax cuts.  A study released a few years ago stated that fifty cents out of every tax dollar is wasted.  We’re paying twice as much as we should.  Let’s give the money back to the parents so that instead of working all the time, they can find better alternatives.

Sending our kids to school for more hours, on weekends, and during the summer is not the right thing to do.  We need to be more efficient in school, and teach the subject rather than the putting points of views into things.