Obama’s Birth Certificate, Transcripts, and Basketball

by AC Smith


It seems some are (at best) falling into the trap or outright saying/promoting that so-called race played a part in Donald Trump’s inquiry into Obama’s school records, basketball playing, and birth certificate.


The basketball court reference occurred shortly after the White House released the president’s long form birth certificate.  Trump brought up other issues, including the need to pressure OPEC to lower gas prices.    He advised that Obama needs to get on the phone and off the basketball court.


Obama has promoted basketball more than his golfing (or anything else he does) by drawing a lot of attention to his March Madness picks and on-the-court basketball skills. Instead of handling and explaining his plans on how he is going to take care of the explosive Afghan issue, Japan’s massive earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear catastrophe, and the budget crisis on Capitol Hill, we saw him entertaining–instead of meeting with–important staff members.

On top of all that, Obama promised to take care of job creation as his number one goal after the Republicans took over congress and the people of America indicated to Obama that he must change paths.

Maybe when he is talking about more jobs, he is actually just talking about Steve Jobs so he can consider changing his Blackberry to an iPhone (or maybe iPads) for his family.


So, the points mentioned above are the true reasons Trump associated the basketball courts into his statement. Obama (seemingly) promoted basketball as his main interest. Yes, the interests and actions he took while all of the crisis and serious issues were taking place is why I believe it was very appropriate for Trump to bring up basketball. During the crisis, the basketball picks and showing off of Obama’s basketball skill were the topic of discussion. Yes, during the time, Obama promised to concentrate on job creation and the American people wanted to know how he was going to address the many concerns of the people, Obama’s concentration was on trivial things.


It seemed to many that Obama was taking off more time than the previous presidents (in his first two years) and when he is not on the courts, Obama seems to be involved in the entertainment that I will usually think a vice president would do.

Is Obama the one who is supposed to steer this country in the right direction, or did Obama think that he was only supposed to pick people to advise him what to do, and they are also the ones to implement it?  You know, the advisers that he appointed who do not know how the most democratic-like society is meant to be led.

Certainly it should not be ran by (vowed) communists or socialist sympathizers or even a treasury Secretary who did not know that he did his own personal taxes incorrectly (at best) or actually cheated (at worst).


Trump is attacking the authenticity of this president and his failed/failing policies.


And about his school records…no one questioned Bush’s college and military dealings, did they? Oh, yes they did! Now, was it racism then?


Now tell me what you think?

AC Smith