Happiness Begins at Home

By AC Smith

Arnold Schwarzenegger is just another public figure in a long list of them who found to be unfaithful to his wife.  Like John Edwards, Bill Cosby, and countless others, his indiscretion has gone so far as to produce a “love child.”

Let’s be clear—cheating is wrong.  But it’s important to look into why it happens.   I want to put one possible explanation out there and see what you think.  Before I say this, I want to say to Maria Shriver, and all of the other ladies who are treating their husbands in the correct way, that I do not want to seem like I am slapping them in the face since they do a good job at home.  But my sense is that the majority of men cheat because they are not getting what they need.  I do not know what goes on in the home, but when I was young, I heard women put it upon themselves to keep the man from looking, or if I may say, poking their head around where it doesn’t belong. 

Yes, there are exceptions, when men stray for their own selfish reasons.  People like Schwarzenegger, Cosby, and Tiger Woods seem to fit that category.   However, if women attended to their husbands better in all aspects of the marriage, there would be less infidelity.   I hear about too many men going outside of their marriage while I believe they would be satisfied if they were reasonably taken care of at home.   Too many excuses are given as to why there’s a problem in doing that.

Ladies…take care of your man!