Dosey-Doe Your Partner

By AC Smith

Find a good partner and Dosey-Doe!

Love and giving is ordained by God. In other words, love is encouraged, commanded by God, and even includes loving your enemies.

The highest form of love for humans is the love God ordained between a man and a woman. This is a spiritual law that the world cannot and has not realized.

God gave us a commandment and only a man and a woman following God’s law, AND having the matured spiritual knowledge of their experience together, will enjoy the true benefits of God’s true blessing.

Anything outside of God’s instruction (which is only between a man and a woman) is not God’s love. Instead it is evil, and God hates evil. God gave is this world to live in and to take care of. He will not intervene unless we invite his help and believe on/in Him. He will return to judge what we have done with his commandments, instructions, life, and world that he has given us.

Now tell me if you agree.