Life is Life: Supporting the Unborn

by A.C. Smith

Abortion and hypocrisy at its best!

When I read the noted quotes from President Obama’s speech to the African people, I finally thought that the latest information about Planned Parenthood organization’s leaders taped conversations had finally woke the heart and mind of the leader of this nation.

As I continued to read, I was brought to the rueful reality that our presidential leader was applying good words and good principles to the African people that he does not apply to the United States that he abides over.

As we see on recorded tapes of the Planned Parenthood’s leadership, discussing plans to sell baby fetus parts or whole baby fetuses intact, do you believe that abortions of babies is a humane thing to do in any country?

Does it give you better insight that the babies being aborted have body organs that can be used for research?

Can anyone deny that abortion allows us to “legally” end a human life at the beginnings of the life?

People in Africa truly believe that harvesting human organs for rituals is humane!

Is there really a principled difference with abortion? I do not believe so!

A May 2013 Gallup poll reported that 58% of Americans oppose MOST ALL abortions and it should be illegal!

57% of women were said to have a PRO-LIFE view!

57% of younger adults (18-34) are PRO-LIFE!

By partisan numbers 59% Independents, 43% Democrats, and 78% Republican are Pro-Life!

64% of Americans oppose second trimester abortions and 80% (4 out of 5 Americans) reject third trimester abortions.

Where do you stand on abortions in the third, second, and first trimesters?

I am principled! A life is a life! I stand on the side of the innocent baby who does not seem (by many) to have a “legal” voice, including unfortunate tragedies of any loved one who experience rape or incest.

And with the extreme circumstances, I do support extreme punishment for those who commit those crimes, including life in prison for most of the cases.

Do you support the laws that allow another human to end a baby’s life at any of the trimesters?

Do you know that abortion is ending the beginning of a human life?