The Best Piers Morgan Interview Ever!

By A.C. Smith

This was the most AWESOME interview!

Normally, if you embarrass and handily win the argument against Piers Morgan, he will have his crew research arguments against you and bring you back to try to win the second round.

I think that will be fair. Especially, if Piers gives Larry Elder the same time to prepare. That is what an honest debate is all about.

Elder dealt with FACTS! And until black America deals with the facts, we will get nowhere.  In fact, we are destroying ourselves from the inside out, just like America is doing now!  I think black people are wandering in the wilderness right now!  I’ve always wondered how the people who Moses led to help free them from the slavery of the government, could be so stupid to turn away from God’s Word. Now I can say that I have seen it for myself!

Now, Piers will try to be prepared next time, but let’s see if Piers will actually have the nerve to invite Elder back!  That was one of the worse beating Piers has ever had. Usually Piers is the bully, but he has found a match.

I bet if Piers does bring him back, Piers will have another aggressive black person to help Piers go against Elder. I wait with bated breath.

It is tragic that another one of our young black men in Trayvon Martin has lost his life, and I pray for God’s comfort to be upon his family and friends as well as Zimmermann’s family also.

MOST OF ALL, I pray for black people in America. I pay that this will be THE wake-up call for us to raise up our OWN standard to be the standard of perfection that God commands from his children.

I am sorry to say that I am embarrassed for our black people.

When I was young I proudly said to myself quite often, “look what blacks did to make our country what it is today!”

Now I sadly say to our generation, “look what blacks did to make our country what it is today”.

So goes blacks, so goes the country.

Blacks have only two real results that I’ve seen during my lifetime. GREATNESS and DETRIMENT. When will we learn that we are destroying ourselves in most all areas, instead of leading ourselves with great examples?

Will you please agree and stop supporting leaders who support excuses?  Will you help to support the raising of our standards led by the Word of God?

Let’s become a great people, again.