Outside His Word: Homosexuality and The Bible

By A.C. Smith

The following is a response to a CNN editorial piece written by Rachel Held Evans concerning religious convictions and LGBT issues.

To put it in a nutshell, ANYTHING GOES!

She quotes, “God has shown me that I should not call anyone impure or unclean”.

This is what I’m talking about!

This way of thinking suggests that if you really believe you are doing the right thing, then you are!   You are now God! You make the rules!

People are ridiculously taking the Word of God and trashing it!

God has never changed and His Word stands true.

I guarantee that these people do not know what the Bible actually says about homosexual type of relationships.

There is plenty said about homosexuality, but people still do not know what the Bible says about it.

If someone actually show them, then their pride gets in the way and they (maybe unknowingly) act like they are above God, by telling everyone who confronts them what God really means or that God’s Word needs to be updated to what God really thinks about it now.

Please don’t get me wrong! I really do not want people to think that I do not care for people who proclaim that they are gay, or that they should live their life like I believe that they should.

In fact, I’ve known a few people who lived as a gay person, who I expressed my stance to, but they think the world of me because I do not get into their business and I treat them better and with more respect than their gay friends treat them.

There are some that I know and have respect for either because of other things that they do in their lives.  Some agree that they shouldn’t impose on the definition of a traditional marriage because they can get the same benefits in other ways, and some even believe homosexuality is wrong and abstain from the lifestyle.

I’ve had a boatload of fun with gay friends in the past and met some of their gay friends.  However, that’s been awhile ago and I do not have any gay friends now.

With gays, I just happen to disagree with the lifestyle, but then again, I disagree with the lifestyles of many of my heterosexual friends.

The Bible recounts what God did when there was not one righteous person in the city of Sodom.  It said that God left them up to their own devices and later the city was destroyed. It mentions how homosexuality was prominent in that city.

I cannot convince someone of what is right or wrong. I just respect that each of us will have to answer to God when Jesus returns.

The Bible mentions that few will make it into heaven. Many people think that most (especially their loved ones) will see them in heaven.

I say there may be a good chance that neither will be able to see each other in heaven.

Why do you think that there is so much division and chaos nowadays?

We are doing the opposite of what God’s Word says.  Women are taking the man’s role and men do not know how to take their own role.

When we are outside of God’s Word, the family and the church suffers!

May God have mercy on us.


6 thoughts on “Outside His Word: Homosexuality and The Bible

  1. Something doesn’t add up here! Your gay friends (who, incidentally, aren’t your friends anymore) thought the world of you because you treated them so respectfully? So they didn’t care one bit that you think they’re evil, or at least according to God??? You think that because you had a “boatload” of fun with some of them, you get a pass for being judgemental and patronizing? You stated that you don’t get into their business, but yet you proudly stand as an obstacle to their progress. And then for good measure (and completely out of the blue), you demean women at the end of the article. I’m glad the post wasn’t longer…I was afraid to find out which group of people was going to get it next!

  2. I think you forgot ONE huge thing here. Using the bible as a stage to prop up your cowardly bigoted opinion on gay rights sounds awfully familiar.

    Southern preachers and slave owners believed the many references in the Bible permitting and regulating slavery (well over 100 verses), in both the Old and the New Testaments, were clear evidence that the institution was a part of God’s social and moral order.

    Really good job at the end there too, making sure that you are never mistaken for a modern member of society by insulting women.

    As for the answer to your final question “Why do you think that there is so much division and chaos nowadays?” That is because of religious assholes like you that wont mind their on business and feel like they have to force their demented biblical view of the world upon every one, with force if needed. Maybe you religious luddites should just keep to yourself and believe in what you want without oppressing other sane people?

  3. I love the Cafeteria Christians, who always go back to the same restaurant (read: Old Testament) and order the same food, picking and choosing what they like and don’t like, and standing on that one plate of roast beef because DAMMIT, THAT’S GOD’S WORD. Well, I’ve got news for you, God had MANY words, spoken by MANY of his prophets, followers, scholars, etc. And for you to take the story of Sodom and draw the conclusion that God destroyed the city because of hoomosexuality is not only logically flawed but singles out one story completely out of context and without regard for the teachings of CHRIST. So call gays what you want, call yourself what you want. But don’t call yourself a Christian. You’re not following Christ.

  4. In response to Jamie:

    There you go! And it doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    You are just proving my point.

    You interpret my words just like you interpret God’s Word!
    You distort the truth and deceive, just like the prince of this world.
    You try to get people to support what you say by distorting what I say.
    You try to get sympathy and support to make it seem like I degrade women without pointing out that I said that women and men are going about things the wrong way and not God’s way.

    Now if you do not believe in God or the Bible, I am not telling you to follow God’s laws.
    If you proclaim yourself as a Christian, I will prod you to follow God’s true Word and not to lean on your own understanding.
    You are who I’m talking to.

    So about my friends that  are considered gay, who had the highest respect for me for how I lived and treated them, even though they know that I do not believe in their type of lifestyle.

    I do not have them in my life now because of the natural changes that happen in life.
    Either they or I moved away, I got busy in my married life and couldn’t hang around with them like I use to and I lost contact with them just like I’m sure you and all of our readers have experienced.

    This I have experienced in both friends who were heterosexual as well as the gay friends.

    I also had to morn as I was asked to be the speaker at the funeral of a gay person who had the most highest respect for me.

    I, (and may I highlight) not his gay friends, was put down to be the speaker in his funeral plans that he made himself.

    I was the most important person in the last few years of his life because he told me so.

    He is the one that told me that I was more family to him than his own blood relatives.

    This is a man who lived on the east coast and I on the west coast.

    He even came to visit me almost every year and I would go to visit him on the east coast.

    He stayed in my house for 2 months, just a year or two before his death.

    So you go on and distort the truth!

    You spend a lot of time with me and you still, sure enough,do not know me!

    I can’t even say, “shame on you”, because I know that you just do not know better!

    And for other gay friends that I’ve known before.
    I guarantee that if we got back in contact with each other, it will be like we have never missed a beat and they will still have the highest respect for me.

    So no! They didn’t see me as one who, “stand as an obstacle to their progress”. They still did what they wanted to do and they respected my stance.

    And no, they didn’t think for even a little bit, that I was or am evil by the way I think or the belief that I have.
    They actually got to know me by how I was treating other people and they wanted to be my friend and I accepted them as friends as they are, while I still let them know that I believe that homosexuality and a gay lifestyle is wrong.

    With me, you get the truth and love.
    With Satan’s followers, you get what Satan has to offer. Pure deception and evil.

    I ask you to stop the evil and embrace the truth.

    I can love someone without agreeing with them, but you Jamie, are a piece of work!

    To conclude this response, you mentioned that I wrote one thing, “completely out of the blue”.
    At times I may seem to do that, but the title did mention being “Outside of God’s Word”.
    I just wanted to address the fact that that we are outside of God’s Word and I believe that if we deal with and fix that issue, we will solve all of the other issues that we have in this society.


  5. It is not a lifestyle that someone just chooses you neanderthal. You are a sad sad judgmental little waste of humanity.

  6. If I want religious freedom, I allow and expect people to have a difference of opinion or belief. I get it!

    On the same hand, if anyone wants the freedom to live a gay lifestyle, it should be reasonable to expect people to have a difference of opinion and belief also.

    There are even people who have a difference in belief about traditional marriage, but I do not judge them as if they should not exist or someone I should hate or despise or even should not heard.

    I have my opinion and I respect you to have yours.
    I can still love and enjoy anyone who I disagree with.

    Do I think someone can be born with gay tendencies?
    I have not come to a full conclusion either way.

    Do I believe that people choose to be gay?
    That, I tend not to believe.

    Do I believe those who believe and understand the words in the Bible as I believe can avoid a gay lifestyle?
    Most definitely. I’ve seen it in the same way that I see heterosexuals abstain from a lifestyle of having improper relationships outside of marriage.

    Do I have friends who do not adhere to the same principles and interpret the Bible in different ways than I do?
    Absolutely! That’s just life.

    Just like others want to tell me what is the right way of thinking about this subject, I reserve the right to do the same. I desire to express my belief without any true desire to ridicule anyone for what they truly believe is the right thing to do in their life.


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