President Obama or President Putin: Who Do You Trust More?

By A.C. Smith

After listening to the comments by those on the right, left, center, middle, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Conservatives, I’ve come to the concussion that some are ridiculously-wrong, part-right, mostly-wrong, and/or seemingly, outright-blinded by the light.

When putting things in perspective, President Putin’s op-ed piece in the New York Times seemed to me to be a masterpiece when comparing it to the address that President Obama gave to the American people this past Tuesday evening.

Many comments that I’ve heard or read, deal with the mindset of the cold-war, so even if President Putin made a lot of sense, they can never accept or admit it as so.

It is amazing to me that many say that they were offended by President Putin’s comments.

Especially our President himself, who said far worse things, with less class than President Putin’s op-ed piece in the New York Times can ever be.

President Obama went around the world explaining that the United States acted arrogantly and inappropriate in the past and that he will change America into a nation that would be respected around the world in every way including our own people, so we can be proud of our accomplishments.

I submit that the opposite has happened.

President Obama’s own faithful and brainwashed followers are now starting to see the light.  President Obama’s approval rating has fallen to the lowest point and by reports, lower than his predecessor’s.

Is President Obama worried?  Probably not. He knows that in time, many of his followers forget the past in due time and pay attention to what he does in future years.  And he is right! No matter the outcome, just like the first four years, President Obama will be idolized and be the most sought out speaker, be the biggest support mechanism for the Democratic party, and able to promote his legacy for many years to come.

Each one of us need to pay close attention to what President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Vice President Biden, and what many of the Democratic supporters are saying, and then put it through the fact test and the prior year’s comments they made when they weren’t in power.  You will then clearly see and hear the hypocrisy and compare the results with reality.

The lies, deceit, incompetence, and manipulation of the facts of the events that happened in Benghazi, Libya is the most perfect example of how this administration operates.

Do I give the Republicans a pass? Not fully. They may be bad in some ways that they attend to business, but the Democrats and liberal representatives are far worse!

As a side note: who is concentrating on American jobs and our own economy? Or as President Obama said, “I will be laser focused on jobs”.  That, right there, is another good example of what this administration is made of.  Everything that the Obama administration seems to touch is chaotic!

But as President Putin tries to defend his stance with proof or the obvious absence of definite proof, he is being discounted and he is shaking his head, wondering if we will ever learn, listen, or see the facts that are right in front of us.

Now I do not say that we need to drop our guard against a past enemy, but with consistent help of the verified and correct information given recently regarding things like the Boston bomber’s family and the extremist within the rebel fighters who we are supporting, we need to give credit where credit is due.

Putin is only part-right to suggest that the international community should take control of and destroy the chemical weapons in Syria to avoid military actions.  Securing the chemical weapons is the first major step, but there are still, at least, two other parts that are missing before we can resolve this issue.  Secondly, there must be a quick, but thorough investigation to find out how it was obtained, why it was dispersed, and who is ultimately responsible for the chemical weapons killing and injuring so many people.  Lastly, there must be major punishment for those responsible, so this would not happen again.

Again I say, “please wake up America” and let us become that ferocious force that we once were as a strong Christian nation.