Will We Ever Learn? (2012)

By A.C. Smith

By President Obama and his own administration’s prediction (on paper) to where they believe the economy and employment would be at this point in time, lends to nothing short of a DISMAL FAILURE! They are FAR away from their OWN targets!

We give Obama and his administration too much credit by thinking that they are smart; they know how to help our economy; or even to think that they know what they are doing!

Just think, president Obama tried and did appoint a number of people who didn’t do their own taxes correctly at best, or got caught cheating, or both.

Just the mere fact that Obama and his administration were able to have all the information about the economy that the economists had, access to the economist, plenty of experienced people told his administration that the agenda they were pursuing was on the wrong path, and even Obama and his administration said that the economy was the worst since the great depression when asking for the needed stimulus and saying that it would correct the issue…

I can go on and on…and I will!

Obama and his administration also want you to think that the stimulus passed by the Congress and Senate is the only stimulus added.  Some say that the stimulus approved by the Congress and Senate was not enough.  Yet, many more times over and above the bipartisan stimulus added to our economy, Obama and his administration spent money like crazy on many pet projects including things from Cars for Clunkers to forcing the banks to take bailout money, to mortgage bailout, warfare & food stamps, unemployment payments, disability payments, investments in failed green companies, and the extra dollars the FED printed, that keeps the dollar and inflation low (for now).

After getting practically everything and more than Obama asked for as a candidate and newly elected president, Obama and his administration still have the nerve to pull the wool over the American people’s eyes and brain (because a lot of them want it that way) by saying things were worst that anyone expected.

So does that mean that Bush never should had been criticized for using the bipartisan intelligence conclusion that Iraq more than likely had weapons of mass destruction?  Bush had far less facts than Obama had about the open book information on the economy!  The Obama administration even explained how dire they felt the situation was at the time.

So why do they say that things were worse than they thought? Only because they know they can fool some of the people some of the time and it works because people want to support and believe in Obama.  Those are the people who don’t want to believe the facts!  They want to believe the man, the messiah, and the myth!  And to top everything off, the Republican said all along that the Obama’s policies would lead to disastrous results?

Now that the economy shows bad results, when do the Republicans get credit for predicting that the economy would be at this state?

Again! Naivete’ naivete’, when will we learn? WHEN or even WILL this ever finally sink in?


4 thoughts on “Will We Ever Learn? (2012)

  1. Hey A.C.

    For someone who has stated he wants to get away from talking about specific politicians and focus more about issues, you seem to be bashing the president an awful lot recently. Did you change your mind?

  2. I believe this article is perfectly balanced to the standard I will like to set.

    What I expressed to you personally, may need more clarification/interpretation or a reminder after some time.

    What I mean by bashing, is idle words with rhetoric, without explaining specific reasons for disagreeing with an action or explaining why I believe a person is categorized in a certain way.

    If you believe that I need to explain or give a reason for categorizing a person in a certain way (which might happen from time to time), please ask me to give a reason for my conclusion and I will try to oblige.

  3. Dear AC
    I did not vote for Pres. Obama and after he was elected I set aside all my concerns about his background and believed in hope for a calmer political environment. Sadly, his backround prevailed . I watched the election results on BET
    and was moved by the young commentators coverage.It did give me hope. However the divisive nature of our president has resulted in a lot of us languishing in sorrow for what could have been.
    God Bless you and keep up the good work

  4. Thanks Kathryn.

    The first time that I voted, I voted for Jimmy Carter and I thank our God above that Carter lost!

    If not, we may never have seen a great example of the correct presidential leadership from a modern leader, President Ronald Reagan!

    Now, our new generation has not seen or experienced the right type of leadership (except for the first year or so of George W).

    Since Ronald Reagan, there is a clear difference between what the Democratic and Republican parties believe in.

    Even though, I believe the Republican party is not as conservative like during the Reagan years, the Democrats are far more left than they’ve ever been!

    Like you, never in my wildest dream, did I think that President Obama would move our country so far to the left.

    We are now in the position of going down the road of no return.

    The title of this article is, ” Will We Ever Learn?” and that is clarifying question of this time.

    Are we going to revive the most important founding principles of our nation (FREEDOM being one of them), or are we going to suffer from the failed policies of entitlements and dependency?

    It’s hard to stand united when there are so many people with no skin in the game.

    YES! It would be nice to have a good, charismatic black leader here in the United States, but we will still have to wait for that.

    Instead, in order for us to remain the strongest country to lead the free world, we must start with godly men, godly households, and godly schools.

    God help us all!


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