Whose truth do you believe?


Jamie Neben:

There once was a time when Earth was the center of our universe, and anyone who said otherwise was placing his life in great danger.   That was true for thousands of years, yet it wasn’t factual.

In 1692, dozens of people in Massachusetts were arrested and several were put to death after being convicted of witchcraft.  The local citizenry believed that to be true.   Do you believe those charges had any basis in fact?

Less than a century ago, a person named John Scopes went on trial in Tennessee for teaching evolution in the classroom.   The debate between evolution and divine creation continues to this day.  Advocates on both sides assert that their belief is the truth.   Where are the facts in this instance?  Here’s a thought….just suppose that God created humankind, then we evolved.  Or just the reverse, a species evolved to a certain point, then God decided to make an integral change.  That would make us all truthful!

Speaking of God, issues of faith cannot be proven by fact.  While I have my own beliefs, what authority do I have to tell someone who worships differently (or not at all) that he or she is absolutely wrong?    And what right do they have to tell me I’m wrong?  To each of us, we have our own truth.   

We see multiple truths in many different areas of life.  Some which are supported by facts, and some that cannot be, or at least not yet.    That being the case, we need to navigate through the Waves of Gray that separate us, and try to understand each other’s personal truths, determine whether there’s any new facts to be shared, and see where that leads us.   

Let’s not forget…there is more than one correct pronunciation for tomato and potato, isn’t there?

A.C Smith:

 TRUTH. Ha! What a joke we have made of the truth!

We should measure what we hear and do by the real meaning of the words t
rue, factual, exact, correct, accurate, right, and precise.

By doing that,
I can tell you what truth is not.. Congress and the Senate!

And we have the nerve to call them Representatives! Are they really representing us?

The truth to me is calling them Resentatives because I really resent the fact that they are taking the rights of the majority of Americans and setting contrary policies.

Truth would be seen if we did not prop up the economy by taking advantage of our children’s hard work and money before they can even get into the work-force. Why can’t we suffer for the mistakes we make?

I guarantee if we did (suffer for our own mistakes), we would not get into this situation again anytime soon. AND THAT IS THE TRUTH!

Look what happened when we bailed out the Savings and Loans industry years ago. We had a chance to learn our lessons but we didn’t. Now we are in more trouble, TEN FOLD.

Truth to me is in God’s word, but even some of our interpretations of God’s word are not true.
I respect everyone’s opinions if they were to believe God’s word or not.

I would prefer to be told before hand what the belief is, otherwise I tend to give answers to people as if they believe as I do. If the belief is different, the approach or opinion to an unbeliever may need to be different. In any case, many of the morals we try to encourage are similar to biblical guidance, and I have not heard many people dispute its general principles.

Some definitions of the word truthful affirm that it is being in accordance with the actual state of affairs. Conformable to an essential reality.

In many cases we are not living in reality and will need to get real before we can seriously tackle the problems of America. We need to take back our country and get back on the track of true morality and true justice.

Join me as we not only find the best ways to live truthfully, but also deliver truth back to our people, businesses, government, and nation. Let’s stand up instead of giving up on what is actually the right things to do.



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