Why Movies?

You might be asking yourself what Waves of Gray has to do with movies.  Well, there’s actually more in common than one might think.  From the beginning, our goal was to talk about issues that divide us in order to start a dialogue that will hopefully bring us closer together.  We make observations about what’s happening around us and try our best to faithfully interpret them.   We dare to believe that our efforts help make this world just a little bit better.  By and large, movies accomplish these very same things, and often with great success.

Since the early days of cinema, our relationship with the medium has gone in both directions.  Filmmakers bring real-life experiences and fictional stories to the screen to entertain and enlighten us.  Some inspire us and even provoke us to change the world.   But whether movies speak to our souls, call us to action, or simply become pop culture statements, the best of them leave huge and lasting impressions in our collective consciousness, thus having a direct influence on the films that follow them.  So there’s no understating how much we are intertwined with the grand experiment of moving pictures.

This brings us back to why we’re talking about this subject on our website.  Movies bring people together.  There’s any number of political views, age groups, and social backgrounds represented in the typical darkened theater that don’t always mix well elsewhere.  But as an audience, our connection with the film and each other transcends our differences for those couple of hours.  We laugh at the jokes and cry during the sad scenes.  If we’re at a horror flick, we jump out of our seats.   Together.  After it’s over, we like to talk to our friends and families about what we saw, and post comments on blogs.  When someone disagrees with our reaction, we like to press them as to why.   It’s a way of relating to one another, so it’s a natural fit for Waves of Gray.

In keeping with the spirit of this site, we’ll discuss the gray issues that often arise during the course of a movie.  We’ll examine flawed characters and their moral and ethical choices.  We’ll highlight films that have messages that could and should make a positive impact on our society.

With that in mind, we hope you enjoy our feature presentation!