Legal and Political:

American Bar Association

You don't have to be a member to find the latest legal news and resources on this website.


Keep an eye on the government by visiting the cable channel's online home.

Department of State

This is the official site of the U.S. State Department

Environmental Protection Agency

You guessed it...all about environmental protection!


Politicians can say anything, but these folks help us separate fact from fiction.

International Monetary Fund

This organization of 185 member countries works to foster cooperation, stability, trade, and growth in the world economy, and to reduce poverty.

National Public Radio

If there is one media outlet that truly delivers independent news programming, this is it.


Follow the money allocated by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Supreme Court

The court's background, procedures, opinions, and more can be found on the official website of "the supreme law of the land."

Thomas Locator

Do you need to find just a bill on Capitol Hill? Need to know the latest congressional activity? Find all your U.S. legislative information here.

United Nations

The world is getting smaller, so they say. Learn more about the purpose of the U.N., and what challenges countries face throughout the world.


Any information with the slightest connection whatsoever to the government can likely be found here.

U.S. Debt Counter

The current amount of national debt, GDP, and everything in between is updated here at a head-spinning rate.

The White House

Yes, it's the official website of the executive branch.

World Bank

Not your typical savings & loans...this global institution provides financial and technical assistance to developing countries.


Academic Earth

Leading universities and professors bring you video courses on a variety of subjects.


The free online lessons provided here are great supplements and reviews for more complete study courses.


Focusing on kids K-12, activities, articles, and all things learning are covered.


Use the force of George Lucas's educational foundation which focuses on promoting positive change in schools

Fact Monster

Joe Friday would probably like this website because you'll get "just the facts."


As the name suggests, you can find legal information, but the discussion board is just as valuable a resource.

Folger Shakespeare Library

The play's the thing for this research center that puts an emphasis on keeping the bard alive with educators, students, and theatre lovers.


It turns out there's more to geology than rocks!


If you love the History channel, you'll like this website, because it's the official site.

Interactive Mathematics

You can count on this site to help you with basic algebra, higher calculus, and everything in between.

Library of Congress

The mother of all libraries, you'll find educational content galore.


If you're tired of reading about world events, check out the latest news and photos from the final frontier, not to mention great astronomy lessons.


This website, shared by both teachers and students, offers a ton of online materials in a variety of formats in an effort to improve the effectiveness of learning.


More than an online dictionary, you'll gain insight into language itself.

National Center for Education Statistics

If you like facts and figures--and who doesn't--of anything having to do with education, this is the place for you.

National Geographic

You don't need a passport to travel the world with the people who bring you the magazine and television shows.

Nova (PBS)

Science. History. Space travel. In fact, what don't they investigate? If you've seen the popular television show, you probably know what to expect.


Whether you're a student, teacher, parent, or librarian, there's many learning opportunities and resources to be found here.

Smithsonian Institute

The world's largest museum is very impressive in person, but its website could be the next best thing.


Pick a subject...any subject. There's likely a study guide to be found here.

Study Guides and Strategies

Appropriately enough, guides o' plenty are available to help learners succeed in their endeavors.

Turner Movie Classics

Casual viewers and film buffs alike will find a lot to learn about their favorite classic movies on the television channel's website.

U.S. Department of Education

Click the above link for the official government education site.


Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

In Hollywood, Oscar is king. Watch videos and learn all about the academy at this site.


Get the latest music news, and while you're at it, listen to all the new tunes burning up the singles charts.

Charlie Rose Show

Charlie has posted nearly every interview he's ever conducted, or so it seems. .

Global Short Film Network

Short films. Enough said.

Short Film Central

More short films!

Sundance Institute

Yes, this is the official site of the film festival. You can learn more about their purpose, watch films, and submit your own projects.

Tony Awards

We would like to give our regards to Broadway, and you can too by visiting this website.

Tribeca Film

Conceived in the wake of 9/11, Robert DeNiro is a founder of the annual New York City film festival which represents itself here.


Autism Speaks

Dedicated to funding research and raising awareness of autism.

American Enterprise Institute

Expanding liberty, increasing individual liberty, and strengthening free enterprise are the goals of this institution for public policy research.


This Washington D.C. think tank conducts research and makes recommendations in the name of American democracy, social welfare, and securing a safe, prosperous, and cooperative international system.

Council on Foreign Relations

An online resource for foreign-policy issues

Gallup Poll

If you want to know what percentage of people think about...you name it...you'll most likely find it here.

Gates Foundation

Bill and Melinda Gates focus on health, education, and lifting people out of poverty.

The Heritage Foundation

Dedicated to formulating and promoting conservative public policies

Hudson Institute

Per their website: "Hudson Institute is a non-partisan policy research organization dedicated to innovative research and analysis that promotes global security, prosperity, and freedom."

Rethinking Schools

Dedicated to improving the public school system through reform, you will find many great articles and resources.

Supreme Court Blog

News and commentary pertaining to the U.S. Supreme Court are discussed here.

TACA (Talk About Curing Autism)

We don't know exactly what causes autism, but it now affects one in 91 children. Learn more.

The Urban Institute

This group looks to improve social, civic, and economic well being through research and education.