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Second Thoughts: My Thoughts on Gun Control and the Second Amendment

by Jamie Neben

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution

It’s impossible to make sense of the recent massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut because something so horrific is absolutely senseless. But one thing we can do, and certainly need to do, is try to figure out where to go from here, and the sooner the better. The conversation is sure to include topics such as mental illness, family values, and living in a culture that glamorizes violence. But the very hostile elephant in the room is the topic of gun control.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees its citizens the right to bear arms, so any perceived or real threat to that freedom makes many people understandably upset. Occasionally, like as we’re witnessing now, we see a drastic spike in new weapon purchases based on the fear that guns will soon be severely restricted. The fear is usually unfounded since the majority of those who want reform have not suggested that we go door-to-door and round up all the artillery, or even that we outlaw all future firearm sales. On the other hand, a growing number of voices are calling for some kind of action. They believe we cannot just stand by and do nothing at all. Not anymore. So we need a solution that preserves the second amendment but helps prevent future tragedies.

I am now supporting the cause to ban semi-automatic assault rifles such as the AR-15. While I was previously on the fence about this issue, we’ve seen too much bloodshed happening far too often, with the assault rifle often being at the center of the carnage. This is a weapon that is designed to fire off several rounds a second, and outside of a military or law enforcement context, I don’t know what useful purpose it has to serve society. This change would not impact sales of other guns that are already legal. But the AR-15 and others like it need to go.

I’ll list a few of the arguments against such a ban that I’ve been hearing and my responses to them.

Owning guns is a God given right.
Really? I’m no theological scholar, and I don’t presume to know how the Almighty feels about this issue. But unless I’m missing a chapter, I’ve neither seen nor heard any mention of guns in the Bible. Swords? Lots of them. Slingshots? You betcha. But no single biblical figure was ever struck by a bullet. Honestly, I don’t know how a loving creator would approve of an instrument that has prematurely ended so many lives already and continues to do so each year.


Lose that Attitude (Be Positive)

by Jamie Neben

One of my primary desires in life, and the underlying reason why I co-founded Waves of Gray with A.C. Smith, is to make the world a better place. As an idealist who believes that change is possible, I strive to spread positive energy in any possible capacity, whether it’s by way of a private exchange, or through mass communication such as a website article or radio interview. Of course, I am hardly alone in that endeavor, and I’m sure we could all name several noteworthy individuals who have contributed untold resources to the cause of improving the lives of other people. But along with the recognition and gratitude, I have to wonder about the degree of resistance each person experiences while seeking to make a difference.

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Telling the Truth Does Not Make One a Bully

by A.C. Smith

This post is in response to the viral video about the news anchorwoman that was chastised by a viewer for being overweight (click here to see video).

Instead of addressing the problem, no matter how the message was delivered, we talk about the deliverer's character and oftentimes change the subject to something that it really isn't! It's the same thing liberals do to most issues AND THE RESULT....things stay the same, at best, or most of the time it gets worse!


A Letter to the Left

by A.C. Smith
This post is a letter to Jamie Neben and those who join him on the political left.

The left is founded in confusion. Just listen to the diversions when you all comment on facts presented by the right. Your side doesn't offer proof when you consider them invalid.

Compromising Situation

by AC Smith and Jamie Neben

In today’s political climate, our representatives on either side of the aisle are finding less common ground than ever before, and have an even less desire to move toward it.  Compromise may as well be a dirty word.  With further debt ceiling talks looming large, concessions must likely be made by all.  Here is how each of us feels about compromise.


Obamacare: What May Really Be Behind the Catholic Contraceptive Controversy?

by AC Smith

We need to ask ourselves, do we really trust this Obama administration or does this administration play us like a puppet on a string? What may really be behind the Catholic contraceptive controversy?

If we do not find out what makes up the brain drain train of the Obama administration, we may end up losing the upcoming election and push the United States of America, the free nation, into the new representation of Europe.


No Room for Doubt...Or Is There?

by Jamie Neben and AC Smith

Jamie says:

During our recent guest appearance on the Jesse Peterson radio program, a question arose as to whether having doubt in matters of faith is considered to be a sin.  I replied in the negative because we are all certain to be tested at various times, and periods of doubt are not only quite normal, but they are healthy too since we ultimately become stronger believers once we overcome that doubt.  AC Smith quickly found the following biblical passage in an effort to set me straight:

“And he that doubteth is damned if he eat, because he eateth not of faith; for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.”(Romans 14:23)


Marriage Counseling

by Jamie Neben

KISS guitarist Gene Simmons recently tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend Shannon Tweed after being “happily unmarried” for 28 years.  Anyone who has heard Simmons express his views on marriage over the years, whether in interviews or on his reality-television show, should know why this event comes as such a surprise.  In his book Sex Money Kiss, in which he dispenses business advice, he even saw fit to write a whole chapter arguing why men should not get married.  Some of his more colorful statements include:

“The worst thing a man can do, financially and biologically speaking, is to get married.”

“Dumb men will always get married.  So will smart women.”

“The only thing wrong with marriage is that one of the two people getting married is a man.”

Simmons may portray a demon onstage, but the ones inside of him were causing him to lead a selfish, dishonest life.   Although it’s likely that he would still be maintaining his misbehaving ways had he not been caught, Simmons should be applauded for ultimately confronting his issues and making the commitment to his family once and for all.
But does the act of getting married hold that much value anymore?


How Hard Are the Unemployed Working?

by AC Smith

A number of unemployed workers are claiming that they cannot get hired because they have been out of work for too long. 
I believe that this is not common, and there must be other reasons why they are unemployed. 

I used to hire people and consider what they did while they are out of work as well as what they did when they were working.


My 9/11 Experience: Then and Now

by Jamie Neben

Instead of a day that would never be forgotten, the beginning of 9/11 seemed like just another Tuesday.  Living in Columbus, Ohio,  I arrived at work bright and early, ready for another fun-filled day of taking customer service calls for a large corporation.  Since my start time was 7:00 AM., there was usually enough time between calls, at least during the first hour, to allow an opportunity to peruse the day’s early news on the computer.   Although, my internet access was restricted in the office, an internal site listed the major headlines.   The top stories of that day centered on Congressman Gary Condit’s possible connection to the disappearance of Chandra Levy.   I read the updates of that story and a few others.  By the time more calls trickled in, I felt like I had a comfortable grasp on world events.  That is, until a co-worker came in just before nine and asked if anyone had heard the news from New York.


Mirrorcle World


Happiness Begins at Home

By AC Smith

Arnold Schwarzenegger is just another public figure in a long list of them who found to be unfaithful to his wife.  Like John Edwards, Bill Cosby, and countless others, his indiscretion has gone so far as to produce a “love child.”

Let’s be clear—cheating is wrong.  But it’s important to look into why it happens.


One Nation Rally

by AC Smith

I’d like to share some of my thoughts about the "One Nation Rally” that took place on October 2nd.

Some of the biggest problems in America is dealing with entitlements and spending.  Listening to the comments of the crowd and speakers, they seem to be fighting for just that! Entitlements and spending.


Because Jamie Asked Me To

by Cady Stanton - Contributor

When this site first launched, I looked forward to contributing to it.  That was only natural, given that I like to write and I enjoy political discourse.  And I liked what the site promised:  a place where reasonable disagreement could take place and, more importantly, where ordinary people of different political stripes could find common ground.


Jamie's Do's and Don'ts

by Jamie Neben

Usually, when we see a list of “Do’s and Don’ts,” it’s a list of instructions to establish some set of boundaries.  Well, I have no place or desire to tell you what you can and can’t do.  Instead, I’d like to share my thoughts on a range of subjects that I hope will generate some discussion.

I do believe the United States needs to maintain its presence as a world leader, operating on the basis of strength and compassion.

I don’t believe that trying to resolve our differences before flexing our muscles is a sign of weakness.  As recent history has shown, it’s much easier to avoid a fight than to end one.  When military action is unavoidable, we must set clear objectives and act in a way that is consistent with our values.


Is California Going to Pot?

by Jamie Neben and AC Smith


Although a new AP/CNBC poll reveals most Americans are against the complete legalization of marijuana, the issue has gained enough support in California to become a state ballot initiative this November.  The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010, is already raising questions about how this might sit with the Obama administration if voted into law, in addition to whether using and/or growing would be in violation of federal law.  Advocates are optimistic that everything will be just fine, and I hope they are right.


Can You See the Real Me?

by Jamie Neben

For those of you who have heard us promote Waves of Gray during our appearances on the Rev. Jesse Peterson radio show, you’ll know that the program’s host identifies AC Smith as “the conservative,” while I am called the “far left liberal.”  Reverend Peterson frequently refers to the political landscape in America as a battle between good and evil.  Since he puts the conservative platform on the side of good, you can guess the category to which he figures I belong.  Just so there’s no confusion, he’ll often remind us during each broadcast that democrats are of their father, the devil. 


Word Up (and out)

by Jamie Neben and AC Smith


It seems like I’m in a constant struggle when it comes to using proper language these days.    The trouble isn’t due to having a limited vocabulary.  Instead, many words have changed over time, or they take on certain meanings that were not originally intended.   And every so often, words are used in such a negative context that to even be associated with them becomes hurtful and/or offensive to somebody.  We can add another entry to that category:  retarded.


A Point of Clarification

by Cady Stanton - Guest Contributor

Apparently, my prior post, “Republicans are NOT ‘Conservative,’” got some knickers in a knot.  I don’t fully understand why the post was perceived as a slam against people who call themselves “conservative” and the things that they believe in (although my hunch is that the perception is of the knee-jerk variety that is all too common in our modern politics among lefties and righties alike).  But Rule #1 of writing is to make your point clearly and if I failed in that, it’s my job to lend clarification.


Why Republicans Are Conservative: A True View from a Non-Liberal!

by AC Smith

It’s funny how conservatives are always being told who they are and what they believe by liberals.  For example, Cady Stanton wrote an article about why republicans are not conservative that was previously posted here on Waves of Gray.

We recently received an email that contained Ten Conservative Principles by Russell Kirk.  I would like to provide my own views and definitions in response.  You can consider what follows to be the truth from a real conservative.


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