The Liberal Foundation

by A.C. Smith

The judge Andrew Napolitano on FOX NEWS talked about a 5 years of age girl who was taken from her foster parents in California who was trying to adopt her after raising the little girl for years.

The girl was taken because she has a 1.5% Native Indian DNA makeup and has to be adopted by a Native Indian family.

This law was said to be established under Jimmy Carter…Democrats. The ones who claim that things like race, religion, and sexual orientation should not be used in our society.

The Democrats are the ones who say that pulling Illegal Immigrants from their families and to deport them is inhumane. Is this not of a worse principle? Must we listen to what the Democrats say and not what they do?!
Is that the society that we want to live by…a society of confusion? Yes?! 

Well, this is just one reason that I still cannot grip into the reason that many people still vote for the liberal propaganda that does not add up to having a solid foundation. 

It is a shaky foundation at best.

The liberal way of life has not produced the results promised or even desired in the least.

Will America wake up before it is too late?

Will the youth of this American country, ever get to see the benefits of a TRUE Conservative way of life?

I surely hope that this election will allow the youth to finally see true Conservatism for the first time in their lives.