The Great Divide

By A.C. Smith

OKAY! It’s now 2017 and I’m back to speak my mind about a couple of things.

I turned to MSNBC & was surprised (I’m being sarcastic) that they have FULL coverage of the Woman’s March against President Trump. I just heard some of the mothers of killed young black men (like Trayvon Martin’s mother) & gays from the night club that were killed. They were having the crowd sing/yell back to them something after they said each name 8 times. Angela Davis, an old activist from the 1970’s, started her speech before I couldn’t stand any more. Each year there are larger signs of the divide between evil and those who want to be good, a smaller percent of those who ARE good. The world seems to become more and more corrupt and is diluting the moral fabric of this nation, which is sucking many of our youths right into the immoral deception, ignoring the Christian way of living that God commands us to live. Instead, they celebrate the undisciplined thug life that their sons lived with most all of the fathers, never to be seen!

Speaking of division let me address another topic. Many, including former President Obama when he was elected the first time, believed (unless he was lying) that marriage is between a man and a woman…period! Why is it that because we didn’t change our minds, we are now bigoted and discriminatory? If we are, so is God! And if you do not believe in God, then you cannot deny that nature is discriminatory! God intended every married person to be fruitful and multiply. Man’s sin brought death into the picture and, therefore, we see the problems that we see today. I will say that I cannot say that I have walked in someone else shoes, who believes it is God’s will for them to be sexually different than what the Bible promotes. I believe in love towards everyone and I agree with the freedoms that I believe our constitution promotes, so if you believe that you are right in the way that you live, then live your life, but don’t force your way of living on us in a way that we have to assist or agree with you. Just live your life. I don’t want to stop you from doing what you think is right. Marriage was established by the church! Why are we trying to force the government to recognize any so-called marriage? Aren’t you the same people who want us to separate church from state? Saying the church should stay out of your abortions and crosses in public places? It sounds like lawlessness and confusion to me. Can you please help me to understand?