Telling the Truth Does Not Make One a Bully

By A.C. Smith

This post is in response to the viral video about the news anchorwoman that was chastised by a viewer for being overweight (click here to see video).

Instead of addressing the problem, no matter how the message was delivered, we talk about the deliverer’s character and oftentimes change the subject to something that it really isn’t! It’s the same thing liberals do to most issues AND THE RESULT….things stay the same, at best, or most of the time it gets worse!

Look at the poor neighborhoods and communities! Look no further than our school system where an exorbitant number of children either drop out or graduate without the correct education.  Also look at all the debt in many cities, counties, states, and federal government!  Instead of getting our finances in order, we pull and tug for more dollars to spend!

This news anchor seems to be a very nice lady and if her husband, herself, and her children are not suffering and do not suffer in the future from her being overweight, then more power to them!

But this writer/viewer of the show is NOT a bully and if the news anchor took the person’s comment in the most positive way and took action to improve herself and family’s health as it pertains to their weight, she may inspire others to do the same and in the long run, possibly save some lives!

If the writer/viewer was a bully, he would not wait many years as he did before saying something. He actually seemed to be hoping that someday she would see for herself that she will need to get her weight under control, but after years of seeing her on the air and nothing has changed for the better, he probably assumed people have told her in a nice way and she now needed a jolt of reality.

It should be common sense that we all influence each other and especially news anchors multiply that influence by leaps and bounds!

When I was growing up, it was fashionable to stay within a healthy weight and a big majority did. Now we have gotten so greedy and selfish that the minority back then are now fat and fashionable.

We need better examples because it is getting harder to encourage our kids to keep healthy when everyone and their mammas aren’t!

If we keep avoiding the real true issues and keep making excuses and diverting the subject to something that it really is not about, then we will continue to incur debt, unhealthiness, immorality, and weakness.

Why not address the challenges of life and actually measure our results?

Why not!


5 thoughts on “Telling the Truth Does Not Make One a Bully

  1. AC Smith,

    You just sunk to a new low with this article. Bullying is a very serious issue, and the fact that you condone the viewer’s actions is nearly as bad as if you had written the letter yourself. I have no doubt that you didn’t see this as a personal attack against the news anchor, but that is a major part of your problem.

    I will write my own article on this subject that will hopefully help you understand better.


  2. This news anchor seems to be a very nice lady

    You’re entitled to your opinion, Mr. Smith, but as far as I’m concerned she’s no less a bully than Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton or any those other Stalinist witches.

  3. I can see how you or anyone else say that the news anchor is not a very nice lady.

    Again, I believe the anchor used the writer/viewer’s criticism as if it were something totally different, so I say that her tactics are the same as what the Democrats, Clintons, and the Obamas do.

    The tactic is evil and is the same tactics of the chief deceiver, Satan himself.

    The nice part for me comes from finally hearing from someone like her say that the comments really didn’t hurt her. On the contrary, see did hide behind the idea that others were hurt. So that kind of blows my theory away.

    Again, the unfortunate part for me was her using/diverting this subject to something totally inappropriate to me, bullying.

    Now as for bullying, I do not believe that there is bullying on either side. You may say that the anchor is using a bully-pulpit, so therefore the anchor is bullying, but I have a different standard.

    My standard for considering something as bullying, is the reasonable thought that the person that is suspected to be bullied is being hurt and the person suspected of bullying means for the person to be hurt. Also, since the writer/viewer used media to get his point across and many people saw it, I think it is fair (especially if the person was not specifically identified) for the anchor to address the comment by using the media.

    I can pretty much guess that the writer/viewer wanted his comment and the anchor’s response to be addressed by television.

    I will consider it bullying if the anchor continues to respond or promote her cause against the writer/viewer in the future without letting the writer/viewer respond in the way the viewer desired.

    So far, that has not happened to my knowledge.


  4. I’d say it was very reasonable for the anchor to think the viewer intended to hurt her by using the words he did. I understand that you see things different than most people, and you often claim to know someone’s intentions even when their statements seemingly contradict them. I also find it interesting that you give the viewer, who made a conscious decision to choose those words and use a completely negative tone rather than the anchor. Since that is your first instinct, I don’t think you know very much about bullying.

  5. I’ve always tried to use criticism in my life to help revisit my thinking and to make sure I am considering another’s point of view.

    I also try to give you an insight to how I come to my conclusion so you may be able to see my point of view, even if you may not agree with it. I do that in hopes that a person can point out to me something that I may not have considered because I know I am not perfect, I just play perfect on TV.

    Now because I take everyone’s point of view into consideration, I do believe it has made me closer to perfect.

    Now, I gave you some specifics of why I do not consider either the anchor or the writer bullies at this point. I added reasons why I believe that more American people are being influenced in the wrong way and therefore making America more immoral, selfish, and weak.

    I also included ways that people duck responsibilities by making things into something that isn’t the main issue or not the issue at all.

    I believe I become a stronger person when I actually/fully address main/obvious issues instead of trying to divert its premise.

    What specifics did you give to help me to understand that my analysis is factually unsound?

    I’m also curious to how you would write the letter to the anchor. Would you skirt the truth, softball the issue, or not say anything at all so there will still show no results.

    What if the viewer was overweight himself and asked the anchor to join him in promoting a healthy lifestyle together?

    Again, a bully will not wait many years hoping for a change before finally saying something.

    I will bet, that over the years of broadcasting, we can find something the anchor had promoted, that will have similar principles as what the viewer addressed.

    Your type of thinking and failure to address issues head-on, is the same way president Obama seems to address issues. This is why Iran is going to have a nuclear bomb, we will have more poor among us, and America will continue to becoming weaker and weaker.


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