Study Smarter, Not Longer

by A.C. Smith

We’ve already seen our country moving closer to socialism with the government takeover of the banks, the auto industry, and the proposed health care plan.  Now it’s happening with the schools.

President Obama’s idea to extend both school hours and days is just another opportunity for the government to put their hands in young kids’ minds and change them.   There’s been a shift from conservative to liberal thinking in our education system.  Reports indicate that a large percentage of teachers are liberal, and they’re starting to take control of the schools.  They want the students there longer and on weekends, and spending more time with them will result in the kids coming out with the same viewpoints, not really knowing what they’re supposed to learn. 

Keep in mind that when I use the word “conservative,” I’m not talking about a political affiliation because we have conservative democrats just like we have conservative republicans.  Instead, I’m talking about principles.  It’s the support of change, growth, and considering different points of view, but by upholding solid moral values.  Teachers are usually respected and trusted in the classroom.  As such, we tend to believe that what they’re telling us is the right thing.  By allowing more liberal influences, we will continue to move from a moral to an immoral society.   

An additional argument for prolonged school hours is that it might help keep kids out of trouble.  However, that would be taking away a role that belongs to the parents.  If government is doing more and more for us, we’re just going to get lazy and give up more control.  If you give people stuff, they’re going to take it, just like an animal.  If you keep feeding an animal that could feed itself in the wild, it’s just going to rely on you to do it.  When you put that animal back in the wild, it’s not going to survive as well. 

One solution as to how to help parents be home for their children after school is tax cuts.  A study released a few years ago stated that fifty cents out of every tax dollar is wasted.  We’re paying twice as much as we should.  Let’s give the money back to the parents so that instead of working all the time, they can find better alternatives.

Sending our kids to school for more hours, on weekends, and during the summer is not the right thing to do.  We need to be more efficient in school, and teach the subject rather than the putting points of views into things.   

6 thoughts on “Study Smarter, Not Longer

  1. A.C.,

    Where do you get your evidence about 1) most teachers being liberal, and 2) that they are putting their political viewpoints into the minds of students? Do they mainly teach a certain subject, or is it across the board from K-12?

    The U.S. is behind many other industrialized countries in terms of education, so we need to do something. I don’t believe it needs to be a drastic change. For instance, I don’t support continuing the school year several weeks into the summer. Maybe a week or two is fine. Or adding an hour to every school day, to be divided by adding a few minutes per subject. Let’s try that first and see what happens. I bet we’ll do better than doing nothing.

  2. “By allowing more liberal influences, we will continue to move from a moral to an immoral society.”

    Wow. That’s an awfully broad brush you’re painting with, calling all liberals immoral. And your idea that tax cuts would help parents be home with their children is just plain bizarre. I could pay zero income tax, but I’d still have to work all day.

    Finally, I repeat my request that you cite sources to back up what you put forth as fact.

  3. Interesting thoughts. I’m afraid that there are definite inaccuracies here. As someone who has spent time in the school system, I can assure you that the liberals have less of a chance of getting into kids’ minds than you might think.

    I am a liberal but also hold some very conservative opinions. The teachers today have their hands tied in so many ways. Curriculum, in my experience, is very restricted although it requires much creativity. It is so restricted, in fact, that many kids in middle school who have not already learned their multiplication tables are told to use calculators because it’s not a 6th grade teacher’s job to teach that particular skill. Teachers often fight but have little recourse.

    “No Child Left Behind” was brilliant in theory but a train wreck in practice. It was obviously designed by someone who has not spent time in a classroom.

    The blatant fact is that American school children are behind in the academic world. Fingers can be pointed, blame placed, but at the end of the day, it is clear that we need to step up. The question is how can that be done in an EFFECTIVE manner? This has been a fight for decades and will continue to be. I’m not saying that I have the answers. I’m with Jamie when he says that something has to be done.

    I bristled at the idea of MORE tax breaks for parents. As someone who does not have children, I often feel skewered by the government for my choice not to procreate. I pay higher taxes, receive fewer benefits across the board, almost to the point where I can see why some people have kids for the money. It happens every day. I don’t object to paying my fair share. I have a huge family and am fine with school tax, etc. because I know where that money supposedly goes. More tax breaks for people who already abuse the system? No.

    I’m on a rant. But you get the point. Place blame, if there is blame to be placed, where it is due.

  4. “By allowing more liberal influences, we will continue to move from a moral to an immoral society.” ~CS

    Whoa are you saying our killing, thugging, drugging, parents who dont give a rats a** abt where there children go after schooling, I dont agree we are Moral.

  5. Melissa…that was A.C. who made that statement. To address your comment, there is quite a bit of evidence to suggest we are NOT a moral society. But whether it’s true or not, it has nothing to do with whether our teachers vote republican or democrat.

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