Real Leadership

By A.C. Smith

The U.S. does not need a leader who tells us how the world should and will look like with the policies that he will put into place, only to later blame a previous administration (or try to convince us everything will work out) when those policies turn out to be a disaster.  Of course everything will work itself out, but in what way?  That is a failed leadership that we have now.

Failure based on what President Obama originally said will happen is evident with practically all of his policies starting with his stimulus and all the way up to the latest happenings with the Iraq war.  I do not care that he didn’t start it. It is not looking anything like he said it will be!   Even his supporters state there are a lot of things that are going wrong that needs to be fixed.   Many of those things have not changed in years and are getting worse.

Don’t get me wrong…I like the efforts to tell the American people what things will look like with certain policies and changes that should/will take place, but I don’t want to be lied to!   At least 40% of the American people actually want to believe the lies because this is a historic president.  In the meantime, look at America now! This is a big joke on us! The Socialist Republic of America!

What has the president said during all of his campaigning (both times) that we can point at to say that he was very successful in making things a lot better?

In contrast, look at Dick Cheney and his track record (although he was not president, he influenced, if not made, many of the major decisions during the Bush era).  Do I think everything will ultimately go the perfect route based on his decisions? Maybe not, but I can at least understand why he made most all of them.   He had some solid successful policies put into place! I felt really good that he was at the helm during that place in time.  God help us if Al Gore was the president!   Oh my Lord!

Obama is all about delaying crucial decisions.  Dithering! Cheney had his “what if’s” planned ahead of time and made SOLID decisions!

Do I feel safer under Cheney who took the fight to the terrorists to protect U.S. interests that actually includes the American people?   Or do I feel safer under a cautious president who tells us that he has to think about the next steps that he will take?

The next administration will have to put up with the massive increase on the debt (and we wasted a lot more money in the last six years than the previous administrations in recent history, including Bush) and if inflation goes higher, as some are predicting, both the debt and terrorism will be hard to deal with.

I like a man who chooses ‘right” and is willing to answer any questions that cause him to explain his stance. Of the possible future candidates, Rand Paul seems to do that more than others at this point.  He’s the type of leader that the U.S. should have as we move forward..