Logan Is A Fifth Grader

By Melissa Lake

So I am looking back over the last few months.  Logan has come so far!   He is socially engaging in friendships, and enjoying a few guys from his class coming over for sleepovers. Yes, that is right. He is having sleepovers and slumber parties, hot tub parties etc. He is turning into a social butterfly right before our very eyes.

His brother Ted enjoys his role of being the older brother, and Logan sure looks up to him and allows him to keep him in check for the most part. However, Logan has had a few recent bolting incidents.   He drove his battery-operated car down to the corner and proceeded to turn and travel another quarter mile until the battery died.  An older man who lives on that street has been helpful in returning Logan home on more than one occasion.  Unfortunately, Logan has a tendency to shed himself of his clothes.  He does not understand that he is too old to be running naked or that his lack of modesty might get him into trouble. It has caused many eye rolls and confrontations with him acting like this.   My statement to them is “Walk a mile in our shoes”. This is not due to my neglect.  In fact, sometimes I really am with him 24/7, and I just try to give him a small radius which he expands until he slips out of sight.  You can actually see his feet slightly shuffle to the side, which is rather cute to watch, yet cannot be encouraged. He has managed to disengage our security system and now we have to find the missing link.

Logan’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) was through the roof wonderful. Speech:  he is now working on asking and answering questions appropriately 80 percent of the time. Mathematics:   he is working on division and addition with triple digits. Occupational therapy: the occupational therapist is working on getting him a communication device so he can write his essays and such. Reading and English: he is mostly using the computer to do his reading and English.  Science and Social Studies:  this consists of a 15 min. project with his class or listening to instructions, followed by work on the computer. He was in a musical a few weeks ago and enjoyed that. But the additional class time with his peers comes with some challenges.  Logan makes a variety of sounds and noises, as this is new and agitating to him.  As a result, I am not so sure how much I want him exposed to it.

As I said, this is all so new to him, and if anyone has any weight to throw in to help us understand, feel free to tell me.   That also goes for anyone who wants to discuss how Nochildleft.com has affected their own situation. I hope we can all open up to a new way of thinking when reading this act.  It remains to be seen what it will do to change Logan’s schooling.  I’m not so sure it’s working for me. 

When discussing it with a group of my friends, I seem to have concluded that I am not going to give into the whole.  Logan needs more time to learn about peace and not the wars of past or present.  His brain should not have to wrap his already sensitive heart into that sort of negative time in our history just yet. I am afraid to see what will happen when the wrong child learns how to make something dangerous due to being exposed to the thought of it.  Sorry, I am sure this might be offensive to parents who want their children to have exposure to everything.  I would just like to allow him time to grow up before he has to understand all of this.  He is a 10 year old with a 6 yr old level being his goal in all areas of learning.  As such, I am concerned with some of the things that are brought up in these classes.  I think that he should always be monitored, and if subjects upset him, they should respond with change, of course.

However, each year Logan excels and reaches a new level.  So if he continues on this pace, although he may be in extra summer courses to help him socially develop with his peers, I think he will graduate top of his class and on time Senior Year 2016…


7 thoughts on “Logan Is A Fifth Grader

  1. Melissa, the reason I love your articles is because I am able to see autism through yours and Logan’s eyes. I think it is so important for everyone to read not only about the setbacks and difficulties he experiences, but also the triumphs and accomplishments. I agree that Logan will be at the top of his class in 2016 because he has an understanding Mom, who looks out for him and is engaged in his life. Autism will NOT slow this young man down, only people’s ignorance will. Another great article!

  2. Thank you, Juanita;) The strength in your words gave me goosebumps, but my real payoff is looking back at articles and saying how overwhelming it can be, and now realizing that heck yes it is overwhelming, but if we give up, then who am I to say “WE TRIED”. This week has been very trying for us, as the middle of the year is so close and I know the changes will be Rocky to say the least in Junior High, I have tried to talk myself into just finding a great home plan, another school system, etc. Then I read this, which I wrote about a month ago and say to myself, bend over pull up your boot straps and focus on reality. Life with Autism is not easy, people say things they dont understand, stare when he is crying over something he needs and cannot explain (usually food passing by our table). As my friend through this new stage in our life, I am sure you have seen many pictures of Logan at the table, I will tell you and everyone, that the best photo opportunity for many children is at the table with there back against a chair next to you so when you say there name it is instantanious for them to turn and look you in the eyes. Yes still hard to focus for a child with Autism, just keep doing it I would say to a parent, everything works out with repetition and praise. and nothing is solved with time-outs because it gives him time to go back into his self.

    Thank you for your loving support
    Melissa Lake

    Lifes a dance you learn as you go, sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow. ~Garth Brooks

  3. Thank you Mel, you have educated me so much in the past few months and years. You inspire me to understand and respect!! You deserve so much props!! Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Dear Loren not a plumber;)
    Thanking you seems rediculaus, because you have seen me at my worst and even my best. I have been confused as to being your sister, as we had only a few Loren/Laurens in the same grade. Love you both the same, I guess you were just as much my brother as my brothr was my brother with how many times we go confused….never did it once upset me…. Your my brother and my friend, who cares which is which, than you for taking the time to wrap your brain around autism, just so you could learn more about a mom, that myght give you some insight on my manic emotions, it impossible to not feel or act like oh hee hee, life is so easy, go head and make fun of my friens, my siblings and when someone fucks with of my sister orson I just refuseto let all slide. Thank you, see I am gonna say it again to aALLLLLL IF YOU HAVE NOT MET SOMEONE WITH AUTISM, YOU WILL, OUR STATS ARE RAISING, UNLESS YOU LIVE IN A CLOSED DOWN TOWN THAT KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT GILBERT GRAPE YOU HAVE NOT MET MINE……OPEN UP THIS DIALOG i SUGGEST TO YOUR NEW FRIND~

  5. Thank you David, I kinda end up with a lot of love interest in my children, no clue why, it just seems like with out them I would not make effort to find much to do.

  6. My friend David, many have written music for everything, and nothing autistally clicks or weaves into my dreadlocks of ideas. You have known me for very many years, and we have our times not so close, can you write my Logan a song that really feels amaxing to him? He is a sponge bob fan, patrick yes pats his bff sandy is more like his sister and Morgan is like plankton. I am Mrs. Puffs, must be my need for scense, hugaband Bob is like Krabs, Teddy is pretty much squidward, but has some great days….we love nautical amument of king Neptune, krabs daughter Pearl.He is growing up into a persnality of The beave rem. the beave, he wore caps, shorts and tshirs, and Logan likes to do that when he is dressed up into that area of musical arts.

    Thanks Dave, questions can evolve, but can you do this for me, there is not a limit on cost. just do this right do it with what you know or ask about him….

    no question is too hard/
    hugs Melissa

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