How Hard Are the Unemployed Working?

By AC Smith

A number of unemployed workers are claiming that they cannot get hired because they have been out of work for too long. 

I believe that this is not common, and there must be other reasons why they are unemployed. 

I used to hire people and consider what they did while they are out of work as well as what they did when they were working.

People may try to call some practices discrimination, but if you are a business owner or in a position that is responsible for the bottom-line profits so the business can expand and hire more people in the future, you are likely able to determine a couple of things.  For instance, you can predict how long people will be willing to work (or not work so that they can collect unemployment again), or how hard they will actually work (how much they can actually handle).

It was also a disadvantage (sometimes) looking to hire somebody when it seemed the person already had a good job.

If someone was out of work, collecting unemployment for two years (keep in mind, we didn’t know they were collecting unemployment unless they have us sign the paperwork to document that they were looking for a job), I would still consider them a good candidate if they were volunteering, going to school, caring for a sick relative, or something that proved they were not being lazy at that time.

Good interviews allowed me to have a good idea of the type of person I was hiring and they were usually pretty accurate.

We need to keep the government out of trying to influence business because we are not seeing that the influence is positively affecting our economy  Allow people to whistle-blow and sue the companies that are really being discriminating–not the government, which doesn’t know how to create jobs.