Facts for the Fool

By AC Smith

Here are just some of the statistics (source:  CNN fact check) that Jamie and I believe Ms. Cady Stanton wanted me to deliver on my previous post “I Pity the Fool.”

80%-high wage jobs lost

60%-low wage jobs created

1.5 million net jobs lost

Private sector job gain 4.5 million (mostly lower paying)

Private sector job lost 5 million (most high paying jobs)

Net private sector job net gain/loss is 500,000 job loss!

Government job loss is worse to make a total of 1.5 million net job losses to date. Another report will come out this Friday.

More information is still to come.

On top if those facts, most of the democratic convention speakers bragged about a 4.5 million job gain.

It was surprising that the biggest liar, Rahm Emmanuel was the only one that at least qualified his statement by saying, “private sector job gains”, but all of the speakers did not state that they lost 5 million, mostly higher paying jobs!

Again, please answer the question.

We’ve had four years with the Democrats in control of the congress, senate, and presidency. Also, with the nearly $800,000,000 stimulus, millions of more dollars for the bank bailout; cars for clunkers; mortgage bailout; welfare type help with food, cash, and housing; student loans; unemployment extensions to up to 99 weeks; affordable health care that was supposed to lower costs but not is said to cost over a trillion dollars; and etc. etc… and with all of that, we were supposed to have an unemployment rate well into the 5% range…can we now say that President Obama’s economic policies are a failure even from president Obama’s own administration’s estimates?

Please answer this question correctly and honestly to give me a little hope that we might be able to save the American dream.


2 thoughts on “Facts for the Fool

  1. I have a feeling the only answer you deem to be correct is the one that you agree with. However, that does not make it correct. The answer is inherently subjective.

    But to answer it honestly, I do not believe his policies are a failure. Sure, we’d like to be further along in the economy, but think about how bad it was when he took office. You must admit that there’s the possibility we could have been in far worse shape if not for the President Obama’s policies.

  2. Naivete’, naivete’!!! And I’m being extremely generous!

    I know you are smarter than this, but you choose not to use your intellect.

    By President Obama and his own administration’s prediction (on paper) to where they believe the economy and employment would be at this point in time, lends to nothing short of a DISMAL FAILURE! They are FAR away from their OWN targets!

    See the new post, “Will we ever learn?”

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