A Letter to the Left

By A.C. Smith

This post is a letter to Jamie Neben and those who join him on the political left.

The left is founded in confusion.  Just listen to the diversions when you all comment on facts presented by the right.  Your side doesn’t offer proof when you consider them invalid.

For example, Tavis Smiley once said that living under 8 years of the Ronald Reagan administration, blacks had a worse time economically than any other time in recent history. Larry Elder gave him some solid facts and statistics that blew Smiley out of the water, proving that blacks had the best increases in status. Smiley refused to believe those facts and said that he will produce the “real” facts in a couple days. Over a year later, Elder keeps calling out Smiley to produce them.  Instead, Smiley keeps going around the nation on his Victim Tour. This is the face and scope of the left.

As for diversions, we tell you that we are standing up for the rights of the unborn child and against the genocide of many of our children, and you talk about rare cases of rape, incest, and the mother’s life being endangered.

We tell you that the government is spending more money than we have (and much of it is wasted) and increasing the amount every year, and you talk about taxing the rich so the government can obtain even more money to waste, instead of making sure our government spends money correctly and responsibly before we give them another dime!

Instead of getting America to agree to change the laws of the land, we actually have an Attorney General who boldly says that we as a nation will not enforce laws that he feels are not good.

I can go on and on, but even children, with just a little knowledge, will know that those issues are based on a foundation of confusion. The only people who say differently are either brainwashed or brain-dead. Many may actually want to be brainwashed. I actually think there is some titillation on your part that motivates you to be this way. I really can’t think of any other reason why you and the left refuse reason.

We will not go forward as a strong nation without dealing with the true facts, and more importantly, taking up our real responsibilities as citizens should in the greatest nation.

I beg you Jamie, let’s come to live and promote honest and responsible lives together.


3 thoughts on “A Letter to the Left

  1. A.C.,

    Believe me, I am all for living honestly and responsbibly. And like you, I prefer to base my opinions and decisions on facts rather than perception and heresay.

    That’s why I implore you to use due diligence to seek the facts and communicate them instead of hiding behind the cloak of self-righteousness as you hurl down accusations of ignorance from your ivory tower.

    You speak of genocide against unborn children, but waver at employing practical solutions to prevent an unwanted pregnancy from occurring. You stubbornly support teaching abstinence-only education even when FACTS tell us that it isn’t working. When the conversation turns to contraception, you DIVERT by insulting women and stating they just want to have sex.

    I am fairly conservative when it comes to fiscal policy, so I don’t have much to argue about there, except that government needs to provide protection for its people when they need it the most, and to steer future generations toward having more opportunities to succeed instead of less.

    So I definitely welcome fact-filled discussions that will increase our understanding of the issues.

  2. “Believe me”? Are you kidding? And to end your response by saying that you are fiscally conservative? Please!
    You’ve told me on numerous occasions that the stimulus was not big enough; that Obamacare was going to lower the deficit instead of choosing anything; that we should not only keep money going to bad preforming schools, but support them with more funds; that it is okay to give 99 Weeks of unemployment checks because of the difficult labor market; that we should pay for the hospital and school care of illegal immigrants, arguing that they pay taxes too; so tossed are the facts of what you have said to me, so… LIBERAL PLEASE!!!
    Now about abstinence!
    Abstinence has to be taught right. You can’t have mixed messages and you need the morality of students, parents, teachers, and the extended family to participate. I never see us doing it right in the schools. We also will still have pregnancies, but if we cut it in half, would you call that worth it?
    About birth control!
    Birth control pills are being pushed BIG TIME by doctors. Girls are using pills to make their lives easier when in the past, women knew it was a part of their lives and they were stronger by living it.
    Now even with medicine, women say the cannot handle more than one or maybe two children because it is hard.
    I know what your are going to say! Why don’t you have the children then? Again I say, LIBERAL PLEASE!
    I never said that women just want to have sex. That is more for the guys than women.
    I also never said adult women should be denied contraceptive pills. I don’t agree with it, but no one should pay any part of it except the consenting adults. I also do not think the morning after pill should be allowed to abort fertilized eggs at all. That’s genocide.
    So your response in writing looks or may sound right to liberals, but you are clones of the Orator in Chief, Barack Obama and the left!
    Again, please come to reason,

  3. Excuse me, but please supply facts based on hard evidence from now on instead of just feeding me your unsubstantiated theories.

    Let’s start with abstinence-only education, you say that “we also will still have pregnancies, but if we cut it in half, would you call that worth it?”

    Well, sure. But is this approach stopping students from having sex? No it’s not. The kids in these programs are as sexually active as kids who receive comprehensive education. You may want high-school kids not to have sex at all, and I respect that. But that’s not realistic and even when they do decide to delay sexual intercourse, what’s happening is that they are unprepared and unknowledgeable about protecting themselves against unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. I have no probem with abstinence being emphasized, but contraception education should be included too. It should not be just one or the other.

    So AC Smith…is it worth it to you to teach abstinence-only just to have the students suffer the consequences of inadequate education at a later date? (But not much later as the FACTS tell us.) See the below for my well-proven case that contradicts your OPINIONS and THEORIES.

    According to a federally-funded study by Mathematica Policy Research Inc (MPR)in 2007:

    MPR “found that participants had just as many sexual partners as nonparticipants and had sex at the same median age as nonparticipants. That finding led [Chief Medical Officer] Calonge to state:

    “To show no benefit compared to nothing. That was striking. These are tax dollars that are going for no useful purpose, and it would not be responsible for us to take those dollars.”

    Here’s the link from what I quoted above so you can read more:

    Here’s a pretty thorough review of the issues and abstinence-only compared to comprehensive sex education

    Here’s a FACT sheet about teens and sex (includes effectiveness of different approaches to education).

    Here’s more inconvenient truth for you:

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