So who are we?

A.C. Smith

A.C. Smith

Who me?
I am the contrarian!
I am a child at heart.
I am the question most avoided.
I am the remedy for the "Waves of Gray".

Mostly living in California, I grew up a military brat. I am child number five in a family with three sisters and three brothers.

Needless to say, we could not afford many of the things smaller families could. I thought of us as middle-class poor. Having just enough that we did not qualify for free lunches at school, my parents refused to take advantage (unlike many other families) by underestimating their income on paper to allow that perk for the poor. Little do my parents know how much an impact that decision made on my life even today.

I never want to take advantage or depend on someone else without reasonable reciprocation. Even today, my immediate family laughs at the fact that I ask permission before bringing candy or refreshment into our local theater. I figure, if I am entering someone's property, I should follow their rules.

The standards I learned from my parents’ examples now carries into the areas of taxes, marriage, employment, and many other aspects of my life. No! I am far from perfect, but I’ll never be ashamed to say I am trying to be perfect. The core of our problems today is the lowering of our standards for our kids and citizens. We must set the examples and demand correct behavior from the next generation. With this attitude, I tend to make people uncomfortable because it reminds them of boundaries. 

But one thing people also fail to notice is that it is harder to disappoint me than to disappoint others. All I ask for is an honest effort.

Yes! "To know me is to love me," and to those few, there is usually that kind of love that gets me to a point of feeling a little uncomfortable.

Often, I wonder what it would be like if American families could experience each other’s love without modern distractions. Would there be less real estate and stock market crashes, collapsing companies and banks, sex scandals, drug issues, over-crowded jails, and the like?
One person told me that she had one child, who she gave all that she had, and he turned out to be her nightmare. She continued to say that my parents had seven children who all turned out to be very decent and productive citizens. How did that happen? I believe it was what I call, "Love in the Blood." Meaning, no one throughout my ancestry wanted to do anything that would tarnish our name. We had a vast powerhouse of support and love throughout our extended family.

One of the most important goals I will try to catapult through this website media device deals with starting one of the largest family-type communities in the United States, by encouraging love through adoptive, foster, and family support.

Please send your comments or questions relevant to this website.   I know you can help us to grow our supportive community.

Thank you,

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Jamie Neben

Jamie Neben

So what’s my story?

I want to make the world a better place.

No matter our race, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation, we are all citizens of the world, and we need to get along with each other, even if we don’t always agree with one another. If human beings are to find long-lasting peace on either a local or global scale, we must strive to promote tolerance rather than to fuel hatred. We must find common ground instead of drawing lines of division. We must inform ourselves by seeking different points of view before we reach our conclusions.

I’ll do whatever I can to help make these things possible.

I am a Christian, and am proud to call myself one. However, that doesn’t mean I dismiss people of all other faiths. On the contrary, I want to study and understand what they believe. It usually turns out we are more similar than we are different. We must not be hostile to someone because he or she worships a different creator, or doesn’t worship at all.

I believe we need to limit government interference in our private lives. There is no reason to intrude into such personal issues as reproductive choices, end-of-life planning, and the basic right for two consenting adults to marry. But government also has a definite responsibility in society. For example, temporary relief should be offered to the person who has fallen upon hard times. Our disabled and elderly citizens should never have to worry about how they will survive. We should fund educational programs so that people of all ages and economic backgrounds can find opportunities to succeed in life.

Honest dialogue may cause us to consider different views, or it may strengthen the principles we already maintain. I would ask that you consider reasonable arguments that may be in conflict of your own, and I will do the same. At the very least, it could lead to a new mutual respect that didn’t exist before. Wouldn’t that make the world a better place?

Thank you for being here…now let’s get started!


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